How To Be With A Lover's Wife

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How To Be With A Lover's Wife
How To Be With A Lover's Wife

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The other half of the lover can become a serious problem in the relationship of a couple in love. Or, on the contrary, it can be a pleasant addition to a romantic relationship. It all depends on how the mistress builds a relationship with the lawful wife of her lover.

How to be with a lover's wife
How to be with a lover's wife


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If your goal is to get a man for undivided use, then it is not at all necessary to stand on ceremony with his wife. Therefore, you can simply tell her about your affair with her man. In most cases, an offended rival will kick the unfaithful husband out of the house. However, this method is fraught with the fact that your lover may not forgive such an initiative and will not leave the family at all for you.

Step 2

It is much easier, psychologists assure, not to go into conflict with the wife of your beloved man, but, on the contrary, to make friends with her. True, be prepared for the fact that not every deceived woman wants to have something in common with you. Do not take the initiative yourself, wait until you realize that she is not only ready, but also wants to meet and talk with you.

Step 3

Get ready for the fact that gaining her trust and agreeing that you will share one man in two will be quite difficult. However, nothing is impossible. It's just that if both of you turn out to be wise enough to understand your husband and lover, then it will be easier to find a common language. After all, there are a number of men who are missing only one woman. And they can't do anything about it. If they have the opportunity to adequately support both one and the other woman, then it will not be difficult to agree.

Step 4

Alternatively, you can simply accept her presence, not seek the truth and be content with your position as a lover. This is one of the easiest ways to coexist with a lover's wife - you don't need to meet with anyone, discuss or think about anything. If you agree to always be content with a supporting role, then it is not at all necessary to bother the spouse of your beloved man.

Step 5

The main rule is not to rush into explanatory conversations, accusations and reasoning without thinking. First, sit down, exhale and think carefully. Weigh all the pros and cons of one or another of your decisions, think about what awaits you when you open the cards in front of your beloved's wife. If you are tired of being a mistress and want a stable relationship, you do not have to destroy someone else's family. It is enough just to put an end to the romance with an unfree man and find a partner suitable only for you.

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