How To Understand A Man's Serious Intentions

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How To Understand A Man's Serious Intentions
How To Understand A Man's Serious Intentions

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Someone else's soul is dark, and the thoughts of the opposite sex are completely a mystery. Surely you have a boyfriend, and if not, then you will. And of course, you are interested in the question - is he serious about you or is just spending time with you.

How to understand a man's serious intentions
How to understand a man's serious intentions


Step 1

Of course, the beginning of communication is not the most objective indicator, but if a man is really interested in a girl, then he will definitely call and make an appointment in the next couple of days, and not in a week. And after the date, he will definitely call soon and try to appoint the next one.

Step 2

The man to whom you are dear will strive to spend as much time with you as possible. He will definitely try to go somewhere with you on the weekend, to spend the evening. In addition, the lover will want to communicate with you more often by phone, the Internet. This, of course, does not mean that both of you will be on the phone for hours or be online all day long. But if it's serious, he will definitely call more than once a month.

Step 3

A man with serious intentions towards you will definitely introduce you to his parents and want to get to know yours. Of course, not every girl whom a man brings to meet his parents will certainly become his wife, but he will hardly hasten to introduce his girlfriends, relations with whom the man does not attach much importance, to his family. Of course, life happens in different ways, often this acquaintance occurs a month before the wedding, and sometimes even after it.

Step 4

But meeting friends is a controversial fact. On the one hand, if a man is seriously dating a woman, he usually does not hide it in his environment. On the other hand, maybe for the time being he does not want other people to interfere in your relationship. And if he did, it’s not a fact that he doesn’t have a couple of girlfriends, whom he also managed to brag about to his friends.

Step 5

If a man is trying to ask how you feel about children, this is probably not without reason. He does not necessarily strive for the birth of a child as soon as possible, but children are more often still wanted from loved ones. And there is no point in talking with casual friends about such serious things.

Step 6

A serious man will not drag you to bed on the first date, and it is quite possible that he will enjoy exclusively platonic intercourse for several months. However, if this stage is too long and the beloved does not show initiative, it is worth considering.

Step 7

A man will not become interested in other women. At least she won't try to get to know someone, she won't flirt on social networks or go after your girlfriends. And if he assures you that in a relationship no one owes anything to anyone and everyone is free, most likely, it is about his freedom of communication.

Step 8

You can understand even more if there is an opportunity to live with him. Of course, young people often move out to a rented apartment only after the wedding, or even live with their parents. But, firstly, if a man does not make serious plans for you, he is unlikely to offer you to move in. Secondly, you will be able to communicate closer with him, to see a more real person in front of you than on dates.

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