How To Apply For A Child's Kindergarten In

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How To Apply For A Child's Kindergarten In
How To Apply For A Child's Kindergarten In

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Children are sent to kindergarten not only because the mother needs to go to work. In any case, the child needs to get used to the team, otherwise he will have to learn to communicate with other children already at school instead of focusing on his studies. Therefore, it is better to send the baby to a preschool institution, and to which one it is up to the parents to decide.

How to apply for a child's kindergarten
How to apply for a child's kindergarten

It is necessary

  • - application to the education committee;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passport of a parent or other legal representative;
  • - medical card;
  • - a document giving the right to a benefit.


Step 1

Ask what kindergartens are available in your area. Municipal preschool institutions are of several types: general developmental, compensatory, combined, and recreational. The first type is the most popular; such kindergartens accept all children whose health conditions allow them to attend a children's institution. Usually in such kindergartens there are also groups for young children. In kindergartens of the compensating type, as a rule, the medical and pedagogical commission directs. There may be speech therapy, typhlo- or deaf groups. A combination of ordinary and specialized groups in one kindergarten of a combined type is also possible. Older preschool children can be sent to a gymnasium or an educational center.

Step 2

Contact your local education committee, kindergarten inspector. Bring your passport, child's birth certificate, and if you have a benefit, then a document confirming your right to it. It is better to do this a few months before the child will have to start attending kindergarten. In many cities there are not enough kindergartens, so there is a queue. As a rule, the completion of groups for the next academic year takes place in April-May. This does not mean at all that it is impossible to arrange a baby in kindergarten at another time. It is possible, but subject to availability. The education committee will ask you to fill out an application and tell you when to come to get your voucher. The inspector should listen to and write down your wishes about which kindergarten you would like to send your baby to.

Step 3

Get your child checked out. This is best done in your district clinic. See your local pediatrician. You need a card of form No. 02b / u-2000. In order to get it, you need to visit several specialists. This is a surgeon, neuropathologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, dermatologist and some other specialists. The pediatrician constantly has to issue such certificates, so he will give you a list of which doctors you need to visit. The pediatrician signs the form. If the child has a chronic illness, additional testing from other specialists may be required.

Step 4

At the time appointed by the inspector, come for a voucher. With this document and a medical card, go to kindergarten. The supervisor is obliged to accept your baby and send him to a group attended by children of the same age. If there are groups of different ages in the kindergarten, you should be warned about this in the education committee.

Step 5

The procedure for registration in a private kindergarten is somewhat different. You don't need to go to the education committee. Contact the manager directly. Ask if the kindergarten has a license for the relevant type of activity. A copy of it should be in a conspicuous place - for example, on a stand near the office of the manager. You will need a medical card in any case.

Step 6

If the child does not tolerate the child's team and you do not want to send him to the kindergarten for the whole day, find out in which child care institution located nearby there are groups of short-term stay. Indicate in your application that you want to send your baby to such a group.

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