How To Open A Children's Club

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How To Open A Children's Club
How To Open A Children's Club

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The question of how to organize children's leisure time worries many parents. Mugs, studios, sections are in great demand. In many localities they are chronically lacking, and besides, the range of occupations is very limited. Parents who know how to do something interesting and useful, which is not taught in already existing creative schools or studios, can teach their children this by organizing a circle.

How to open a children's club
How to open a children's club

It is necessary

  • - methodological developments for the chosen type of activity;
  • - typical or author's program;
  • - approximate cost estimate;
  • - a list of materials and equipment.


Step 1

Find out what circles there are in the nearest schools, cultural institutions and additional education. Decide what you would like to teach the children. The organizational form depends on what kind of circle it will be and for what contingent it is designed.

Step 2

If you want to teach your daughter's classmates to sew or knit, you can organize a circle right in the classroom. Talk to your homeroom teacher. Such a circle can be described as a family club. With the principal's permission, you will be given the opportunity to take a class a couple of times a week. To attract students, you just need to post a notice in the school. Of course, with this form of organization, classes should be free and, moreover, safe. This can be a circle of drawing, origami, paper plastic, handicrafts, etc., that is, something that does not require large expenses and does not pose any danger to the health of children. A tourist or mountaineering circle can hardly exist in this form, since there the teacher requires special training.

Step 3

Requirements for the documentation of the circle at the family club are not particularly high. You just need to define its goals and draw up an approximate lesson plan. In the plan, indicate the topics, summaries and the number of hours for each. Also note which exhibitions or concerts you intend to participate in and when. This can be included in the school's own extracurricular activities.

Step 4

It is most convenient to create a circle for a wider circle of students at any cultural institution or additional education. Contact your supervisor. Explain what you want and under what conditions your circle will work. In an institution of additional education, it can become part of the general structure. In cultural institutions, circles are most often created on a self-supporting basis.

Step 5

For a circle at an institution of additional education, you will need to draw up a package of documents common for such institutions. Each house of children's creativity has its own nuances, but what you definitely need is a program. You can take a typical program, for many types of circles they are. Develop your work based on it. Consider the age of the children, the number of hours allotted to you. Do not forget to reflect participation in competitions and exhibitions, these hours are also included in the total class time. The rest is the concern of the head of the institution.

Step 6

The fate of the circle at the institution of culture is decided by the director of the culture center. There are less stringent documentation requirements here. You will need a work plan and attendance log. Make an estimate. Usually a flat rental payment is required, and the rest is up to you. Consider the necessary costs for materials, etc.

Step 7

You can even create a children's club in your own apartment. To do this, you need to register with the tax office as an individual entrepreneur and indicate "educational services" in the permitted activities. The pedagogical activities of individuals are not regulated by Russian legislation. So you can teach children an interesting and useful business completely freely, if there is no need to give them graduation documents.By the way, as an individual entrepreneur, you can organize a children's club in absolutely any institution that agrees to provide you with premises for rent.

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