How To Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday

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How To Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday
How To Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday

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Time flies very quickly, it seemed that only yesterday the mother and the baby were discharged from the maternity hospital, but now it's time to celebrate the baby's first birthday. On the eve of a joyful event, parents begin to think about how to celebrate this holiday, make it bright and unforgettable and not tire the child at the same time.

How to celebrate your baby's first birthday
How to celebrate your baby's first birthday


Step 1

To create a solemn festive atmosphere in the apartment and celebrate the baby's first birthday, decorate the room in which you plan to arrange a holiday with balloons and garlands. Make sure that the festive decoration of the room is safe for the child. You can make a holiday poster with photos of the birthday person from birth to year by month.

Step 2

Invite your toddler's friends whom he used to play with in the yard. It is advisable that the children you invite are about the same age as your child, as older children will find it boring to be in the same company with the little ones.

Step 3

Divide the celebration into two days: one for grandparents and one for children. Celebrating a birthday on the same day with friends and relatives for a small child will be too tiring, which will affect the mood of the little birthday boy.

Step 4

Plan the start of the celebration in the daytime after the day's nap of the child, so that both your baby and the invited children gain strength and celebrate the holiday without tears and whims. Plan the duration of the children's event from two to three hours, this time fits optimally into the mode of young children.

Step 5

Decorate the festive table taking into account the needs of the child: the menu path includes dishes that can be tasted by children. When ordering a birthday cake, make sure that there are 2 of them: one for adults, the other for a children's company according to an individual recipe, so that children can also enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

Step 6

Consider a festive outfit for your child. Get ready for little surprises in the form of a soiled toddler costume.

Step 7

Take care of the music for the holiday. Let it be your baby's favorite songs.

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