How To Celebrate A Child's Birthday

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How To Celebrate A Child's Birthday
How To Celebrate A Child's Birthday

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Your baby's first birthday is always the most touching and most important. I would like the child to be surrounded by close and loving people on this day, so that he feels warmth and affection from others. Nevertheless, the birthday gatherings do not have to be reduced to the usual tea drinking with cake, there are many ways to make this holiday memorable not only for the birthday person, but also for the guests.

How to celebrate a child's birthday
How to celebrate a child's birthday


Step 1

Guests should feel the atmosphere of a children's holiday from the very beginning: a lot of balloons on the ceiling, funny faces on the walls. When meeting friends and family, invite them to wear fun and colorful caps or ribbons. Or hand over personalized certificates allowing you to have fun and play like children on this day.

Step 2

Many young mothers make wall newspapers for this day: a locomotive with trailers representing each month of a child's life, a collage of funny family photos. But if you invite friends with whom you often met during the first year of the baby's life, it would be nice to post their photos with funny captions on the wall newspaper. You can dip the baby's pen in paint and leave a trace on a separate sheet, and the guests nearby will write their wishes. And then put it on the wall in a frame.

Step 3

If you are planning guests with children, prepare a playground for your little ones in advance. Wet cleaning, more toys, a light children's menu - and now your kids are busy with their own business and do not interfere with the conversation at the table.

Step 4

Arrange a children's puppet theater with a premiere of a funny play about the birthday man (for example, "How did you want to get a cake for a holiday" or "Where did the gifts go?") With various children's characters (a fox, a mouse, etc.). Let the kids and their parents perform some easy tasks during the play, for example, throw snowballs at the wolf, chasing him away from gifts, or everyone shakes hands with the mouse. As a rule, such plays leave a great impression on both children and adults. Remember: children will only get scared of life-size puppets, but small doll toys that are put on the hand will delight the kids.

Step 5

If the puppet theater seems too difficult for you, arrange a comic quiz-daisy: on each petal write children's riddles, preferably with a tip so that adults can think, or funny tasks (if the area of ​​the apartment allows). You can also role-play a children's fairy tale (the same "Turnip" or "Ryaba Chicken"). There are plenty of comic scripts-alterations of these fairy tales on the Internet.

Step 6

If you are preparing for the holiday in advance, you can use Photoshop to make funny photographs, wishes of who the baby will become in the future. That is, various template suits are substituted for the child's photo, and now your baby is an astronaut, a rock and roll star, an avid skier or a knight. If you do not have time to print, you can make a slideshow from the pictures. As a rule, this also arouses the admiration of guests and relatives, and the pictures are simply taken apart for memory.

Step 7

The apogee of children's name days, especially if it is the first birthday of the child, becomes a birthday cake. Here, the hosts of the holiday can make a reciprocal step towards the guests, and with each piece of cake present a small card of gratitude to the guests for being with the baby and his family on this day.

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