How To Treat A Baby's Throat

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How To Treat A Baby's Throat
How To Treat A Baby's Throat

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With sore throat in babies, mothers are often lost and do not know how to help their baby, since most of the drugs and treatment methods are not suitable for babies. Regardless, there are several ways you can get your child back to normal quickly.

How to treat a baby's throat
How to treat a baby's throat


Step 1

At the first symptoms of a cold, give your baby a warm drink as often as possible, which will soften the irritated nasal mucosa and help to quickly remove the infection from the nose. Then figure out how serious it is. Call a pediatrician - let him examine the baby and give recommendations for treatment.

Step 2

Make sure that mucus does not accumulate in the nasopharynx, as often as possible, rinse the baby's nose with special products or with ordinary non-carbonated mineral water using a pipette, a pear or cotton filaments.

Step 3

Maintain an optimal indoor temperature so that it is neither hot nor cold. Ventilate occasionally as germs multiply more quickly in dry air.

Step 4

If the cause of the sore throat is not teething, lubricate it with antimicrobial agents: lugol, iodinol, tonsilgon. Or in the absence of allergies in the baby, prepare him a decoction of chamomile, oak bark. You can buy ready-made filter bags at the pharmacy and brew one tea bag per glass of boiling water.

Step 5

Treat the throat as follows: wrap a bandage around the index finger, dip it in the solution and, in a playful way, lubricate the root of the tongue and the back of the neck. After seven months, give tonsilgon in drops, but it must be diluted with warm boiled water, and after that, do not give the crumbs of liquid for half an hour.

Step 6

If you accompany a cold with a cough, watch for sputum discharge. In this case, it is best to give herbal remedies, such as chamomile tea or licorice root, which have anti-inflammatory and disinfecting agents.

Step 7

If a baby is breastfed, breastfeed more often, as breast milk has all the health benefits it needs. If you suspect a sore throat, you should see your doctor, who will most likely prescribe antibiotics for you.

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