How To Clear A Newborn's Nose

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How To Clear A Newborn's Nose
How To Clear A Newborn's Nose

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A newborn baby, like every person, regardless of his age, needs morning and evening washing. Only now the baby, in addition to the standard set of morning procedures, needs to clean the nose. In it, the newborn baby accumulates mucus, and crusts form, which prevent the little one from breathing normally and sucking her mother's breast. Usually, doctors tell young mothers about the rules for cleaning a baby's nose in the maternity hospital. But many women, after being discharged from the hospital, left alone with their tiny child, are lost and forget all the advice received by doctors.

A newborn's nose needs to be cleaned daily
A newborn's nose needs to be cleaned daily

It is necessary

  • 1) Aquamaris, peach or liquid paraffin or breast milk;
  • 2) sterile cotton wool;
  • 3) clean cotton pads.


Step 1

First of all, you should prepare everything that you will definitely need when cleaning the nose of a newborn, so that you do not run back and forth during the procedure itself.

Step 2

Next, you should twist special flagella from sterile cotton wool for cleaning the baby's nose. It's not difficult at all. Tear off thin strips 10-15 cm long from a large piece of cotton wool. You need to try to tear off the strips so that their width is approximately the same along the entire length. Only 4 pieces of them will be needed for one procedure. These cotton strips must be twisted into elastic cords (3-5mm), which, in turn, must be folded in half and twisted again. The flagella for cleaning the nose of a newborn baby are ready.

Step 3

5 minutes before cleaning the nose, the newborn should drip 1-2 drops of "Aquamaris", vaseline or peach oil or mother's breast milk into each nostril. This is done in order to soften the crusts resulting from the drying out of the mucus.

Step 4

Now one, previously prepared tightly twisted cotton flagellum, needs to be shoved into the baby's nostril by 1, 5-2 cm and scroll it several times around its axis. Then this procedure should be done with the other nostril. If necessary, if it was not possible to get the crusts from the nose the first time, you need to clear the nostrils with cotton flagella again.

Step 5

Any remaining mucus or oil should be removed from the outside of the spout with a clean cotton pad.

Step 6

This procedure for cleaning a newborn's nose must be carried out daily: after the baby wakes up and before bedtime.

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