Nudist Kids: What's Special?

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Nudist Kids: What's Special?
Nudist Kids: What's Special?

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Despite the fact that such a phenomenon as nudism is more than one hundred years old, it still causes controversy and public resonance. But if adults have every right to adhere to any philosophy and spend their free time as they please, then for children this is hardly a conscious choice. What is the peculiarity of the development of nudist children?

Nudism promotes unity with nature and health
Nudism promotes unity with nature and health

Nudist child and society

There are many prejudices around nudism for many decades. In an uninitiated person, this phenomenon rarely evokes positive feelings. Nudism is hardly one of the cultures whose adherents are free to demonstrate their commitment. That is why a small nudist child will have a hard time a priori. If from birth the baby will be instilled with unity with nature, lack of shyness, refusal to wear clothes, then he will surely face misunderstanding, condemnation and even ridicule by his peers.

It is worth teaching the child not to advertise the fact that his family is in favor of naturalism. When the baby grows up, he will be able to make his own choice and learn to defend his own position.

Potential difficulties

Do not forget that there are many abuses in relation to nudism. Unfortunately, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and pedophilia are gaining traction in modern society. A naked child's body can be perceived inadequately by people with corresponding mental deviations. Nudist parents should clearly explain the rules of behavior to the child, as well as carefully choose places for nudist rest. Particular attention should be paid to little girls who are naturally more bashful, and at the same time become victims of violence much more often. It is imperative for a mother to show her daughter a model of safe behavior that will insure her against problems.

A child should be introduced to nudism only when it is based on ethical and philosophical components that are dominant in the family. The child must understand that exposure itself is secondary, and completely different attitudes come to the fore.

Correct perception is the basis for success

Naturalism and nudism implies certain ethical norms and canons of behavior. This phenomenon has many advantages that can have a positive impact on the development of the baby. First of all, this is the hardening and unity with nature accompanying the rejection of clothes. In addition, nudist families are often supporters of a healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, and environmental protection. They relax on closed beaches and are unlikely to leave behind a pile of garbage and broken bottles.

Nudists are more tolerant of others, and if this quality is instilled by parents in their child, this is a huge advantage.

Parents should act with common sense and be considerate and observant of their children. If children become shy, or are reluctant to share their family's leisure time, it is worth giving them freedom of choice and the opportunity to decide if they want to be nudists.

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