How To Decorate A Parent's Corner In Kindergarten

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How To Decorate A Parent's Corner In Kindergarten
How To Decorate A Parent's Corner In Kindergarten

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Any educator knows how important it is to establish good contact with the parents of the pupils. The effectiveness of educational and upbringing processes depends on this. Therefore, decorating a corner for parents is an important, paramount task for a teacher.

How to decorate a parent's corner in kindergarten
How to decorate a parent's corner in kindergarten


Step 1

Before proceeding with the design, think over what and where you will place, without which component you cannot do. Strive for aesthetics and relevance in the design.

Step 2

Parents are interested in how the child's day in the garden is going. Therefore, post information about the daily routine. It must be constantly updated. Write what educational games are conducted with children, how preparation for school is being implemented.

Step 3

The success of the children must be reflected. You can post photos from interesting events or diplomas and certificates of children.

Step 4

Parents should be proud of their child. Therefore, if you exhibit children's crafts or drawings, they will be pleased. Don't forget to sign the children's work. Update the exhibition regularly.

Step 5

Set aside space for the menu that should be for every day. Moreover, you need to find a place for information about the norms of products necessary for the child's body, as well as information about a healthy lifestyle.

Step 6

If children come up with poems or drawings about the benefits of sports in their lives, be sure to find a spot next to health information. These can be pictures about skiing with the whole family or a trip to the forest for mushrooms.

Step 7

Post the schedule of vaccinations and medical examinations, as well as the doctor's recommendations.

Step 8

It is also necessary to familiarize parents with the dates and topics of parenting meetings.

Step 9

A list with phone numbers and addresses of organizations dealing with children's issues must be posted in the parent's corner. For example, a helpline or social service.

Step 10

The advice of a psychologist or social educator is a very important part of a parent's corner. They will help you find the right solution in difficult situations.

Step 11

The design of the corner may be different for each teacher. It all depends on the creativity and imagination of the preschool teacher.

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