How To Determine A Man's Temperament By His Socks

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How To Determine A Man's Temperament By His Socks
How To Determine A Man's Temperament By His Socks

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Socks are a part of the wardrobe that a man almost never part with. Accordingly, he chooses them "for himself", which means that they can tell a lot about their owner.

Man and mens socks
Man and mens socks

Classic black socks

Such socks, as a rule, are chosen by a man who prefers classics in everything. He is confident, demanding and tries to do everything according to the rules. He very rarely changes his habits, preferring life "on the knurled". You should not expect spontaneous actions from him either in life, or something like that in bed. In bed with such a man, everything will be as expected: a gentle foreplay according to all the rules, and a final chord. Yes, everyone is good, but it is too monotonous.

Short socks for sneakers

A man with an active lifestyle, leads a healthy lifestyle, dresses stylishly. He is always surrounded by women, which he is very proud of. As a teenager, he studied the Kama Sutra and is ready to demonstrate his skills. And yet, he does not pull on a lover with a capital letter, he is in too hurry to demonstrate all his skills to his partner - she simply does not keep up with him. The only thing that remains is to show him in practice the whole important role of foreplay.

Different socks

If a man is wearing non-paired socks, stretched or with a hole, it is easier not to pay attention to this. It is useless to tell him about this, because he is interested in problems of a universal scale, and not just on his feet. But he will approach intimate matters with all responsibility. It will examine all the dimples and bumps, find the point G, even if it does not exist. However, if you are very keen on searching, you will not notice how you have been sleeping a long time ago.

Funny patterned socks

Such a man with a sense of humor is fine. Likes to surprise, delight and even shock. Classic sex is not for him at all. You should be ready to do "this" on the beach, tumble in a haystack, learn role-playing games. However, with all the variety in intimate life, a man who prefers funny socks is rather selfish in bed and is more concerned with his own pleasure than yours.

Dark socks with stripes or geometric patterns

A vulnerable and sentimental man, he likes to arrange small surprises. He is a dreamer in life and in bed. He tells many fantasies to his partner, and suddenly agrees to embody one of them in reality. And she won't be offended if she refuses him again. Caressing a partner, he will always be sensitive to her reaction and adjust to her in order to deliver as much pleasure as possible. True, for some, he may seem too gentle in bed.

Knitted socks

Mom's knitted socks are worn by a man, as a rule, shy. He is sweet, humble, touching, and most likely rather inexperienced at lovemaking. Therefore, the partner will have to work hard and teach him everything. In turn, he will try very hard and in time will become an excellent lover.

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