What Is The Normal Temperature For A Baby

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What Is The Normal Temperature For A Baby
What Is The Normal Temperature For A Baby

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Parents' desire for the baby to be absolutely healthy is quite natural. Therefore, when there are some deviations from the norm in his health, it causes excitement. This includes frequent changes in the child's body temperature.

What is the normal temperature for a baby
What is the normal temperature for a baby

What temperature is considered normal for an infant

Parents need to be aware that in infants, body temperature can have non-standard values ​​even if the child is normal. For example, instead of the usual 36, 6оС, it can change to 37, 5. Sometimes the indicator can reach 37, 7оС, and this will be the normal body temperature in the baby. Data can be constantly changing. This is due to the fact that the final and stable temperature values ​​are formed only by the end of the first year of a newborn's life. Until that time, it can significantly exceed the indicators we are used to.

In order not to once again panic with an unexpected increase in values ​​and to know what the normal temperature is in the baby, it is recommended to determine the exact indicator individually for your child. It should be measured only when the baby is calm and well. Measure the temperature over several days, and then print the average. This will be the individual value of the normal temperature for your child.

Increased body temperature in infants. Should you worry?

A sharp rise in body temperature in a newborn is a very common phenomenon. This can happen for various reasons, for example, teething, overheating in hot weather, an allergic reaction to vaccinations, pills and other medications, overwork and dehydration. Such jumps in degrees are usually very frightening for parents and cause them real panic.

If you find this, do not rush to resort to antipyretic drugs, pay attention to the baby's condition. If he feels normal, you can wait a bit until these symptoms disappear on their own, because the normal temperature in infants is very unstable. Ventilate the room if it is too stuffy, perhaps this is what caused the changes. Give the child a drink, change into less warm clothes.

Remember that the presence of a fever is better than no fever, because it means that the body is fighting a possible infection. Therefore, you do not need to sharply reduce it, this can seriously harm the child's immunity.

Pay attention to the baby's stool. If it is too liquid, then this will be the main signal for a trip to the pediatrician and a more thorough examination.

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