How To Fill Out A Children's Album

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How To Fill Out A Children's Album
How To Fill Out A Children's Album

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A children's album is a real gift for a child for a lifetime. In addition, parents, at any opportunity, will take out and show their baby's album to the guests. Therefore, it is very important that the album is beautifully designed.

How to fill out a children's album
How to fill out a children's album


Step 1

Before filling out the album, make a selection of children's photos. Divide photos into groups, avoid similar photos. For example, put a photo of the first month of your baby's life in one pile, in the second - of the second month, and so on. This is necessary so that there is no confusion and so that you do not forget to paste anything into the album later.

Step 2

After you have prepared the photos, you can start pasting them into the album. If you have a photo of the baby, where he was still in the mother's tummy, paste it in first. Place your photo with your tummy next to it. Next, you can insert the first photos after birth. Perhaps you still have tags that were tied to the handles of the baby in the maternity hospital, they can be glued next to the first photos. After that, you can place a photo of the discharge from the hospital, the first bathing, the first walk, the first toys, christenings, photos with parents, with grandparents.

Step 3

Each photo can be signed. For example, a photo can be signed like this: “My son is 5 months old, we are trying fruit puree for the first time” or “First steps”. If for you such a signature seems too bland and boring, you can sign the photo with some quatrain. Also, mom can write her thoughts on the album. How she imagined the baby when she was pregnant, what feelings she experienced when she first saw her baby.

Step 4

You can stick funny pictures next to the photos. Perhaps these will be some kind of fairy-tale characters. Also in the children's photo album on the first pages you can place your wedding photos, family photos, draw a family tree of the family. Paste pictures of the baby in the center of the page, and around - photos of the next of kin, then you can immediately see what external features and from whom the child inherited.

Step 5

Separately, in the photo album, you can select a page where the prints of the child's pens and legs will be located. You can also paste a strand of hair into the photo album.

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