How Not To Think About Your Husband's Mistress

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How Not To Think About Your Husband's Mistress
How Not To Think About Your Husband's Mistress

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Cheating on a husband is the most painful betrayal for a loving woman. The heart-tearing pain of a husband's infidelity is not easy to get rid of. Not thinking about the insidious lovemaker is much more difficult.

How not to think about your husband's mistress
How not to think about your husband's mistress


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Don't let an inferiority complex develop on the basis of your spouse's trips to the left. Drive away from yourself the thought that you have lost attractiveness, so your spouse was forced to pay attention to other women. On the contrary, he is not worthy of you, since he did so with a woman who is loving and devoted to him. Moreover, you should not compare yourself with your mistress and think about what and in what she is better than you.

Step 2

Much more correct for you in this situation will be a completely different behavior. Take care of yourself - in every sense of the word. Sign up for courses that were not available to you due to the constant lack of time (you spent it on gourmet dinners for your husband and doing laundry). Choose the kind of sport that suits you - morning jogging will cheer you up before a working day, and yoga will calm you down, distract from obsessive thoughts about your mistress. Meet with friends and family more often - it is better to strengthen family and friendship ties than to shed inconsolable tears for a traitor.

Step 3

Do not try to call your husband's mistress and look for a meeting with her in all possible ways. It will not make it any easier for you - on the contrary, communication with the one who breaks your family will bring you a lot of additional mental suffering. If you begin to beg her to leave her beloved alone, to give him to you and not to leave the children without a father, to cry, then she will gladly tell your spouse about everything. Deprive her of such an opportunity to present herself in front of your husband in a favorable light - quickly curb the growing desire to "look this bitch in her insolent eyes", it will not end well. If she herself will call you and tell you the details of intimate meetings with your husband, if possible, do not respond to her attacks with retaliatory insults and threats - she is seeking this from you.

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