How To Defeat Your Husband's Mistress

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How To Defeat Your Husband's Mistress
How To Defeat Your Husband's Mistress

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If you find out about your husband's betrayal, but do not want to "give" him to another woman, reconsider your family relationships, try to understand the reason for this behavior of a man. You need to look at yourself from the outside, because the reason may be the extinction of your husband towards you as a woman.

How to defeat your husband's mistress
How to defeat your husband's mistress


Step 1

Do not make a scandal to your husband as soon as you find out about the appearance of his mistress, and even more so you should not put him out the door with a suitcase. Think about the fact that your rival may be just waiting for this. And when your spouse is in her tenacious arms, she will surround him with that warmth and love, which, perhaps, he lacked in your relationship. This will not help you regain your old relationship, but will only destroy what can still be saved.

Step 2

Start the conversation only after some time, after a couple of days, when you can calm down and soberly assess everything that happened. Discuss with him why the betrayal happened and whether it is possible to correct the situation by breaking off the relationship with another woman. Talk about how you would like to see your life together.

Step 3

Encourage your spouse to go on vacation together and have a second honeymoon. In no case remember the betrayal and do not reproach your husband at this time. It is better to try to return romance and lightness to your relationship: walk along the seashore at night, hand in hand, go to a cafe, to dances, to the cinema, and arrange romantic dates. Try to recover what was lost due to everyday problems and habits.

Step 4

Look at yourself from the outside. If your lover is young and has a good figure, then you should also take care of yourself: try to lose weight, tighten your muscles, sign up for a pool or start going to the gym. Buy yourself some sexy outfit. Finally, go to a beauty salon and change your hair color or length. Do your best so that your spouse regains interest in you, the desire to be with you, to win you over.

Step 5

Develop as a person, find something interesting for yourself: dancing, sports, yoga. Do not focus only on household chores and everyday life. A woman who is always washing dishes or washing, unkempt and exhausted, in a washed home dressing gown is unlikely to be able to arouse sexual interest in her other half. The wife should not completely dissolve in the family (husband, children). She should strive to be a self-sufficient and interesting person if she wants to keep a loved one near her.

Step 6

Avoid boredom and routine in your relationship. You should not spend every day at home in front of the TV, but every weekend with a hoe in the country. More often go with her husband to cafes, theaters, cinema. Do not forget to mark your dates with him: wedding day, first date or kiss, etc.

Step 7

Be tolerant and affectionate, show concern and understanding. A man will always have a desire to return to a clean and comfortable house, where they are waiting for him, where a delicious dinner is prepared, where his most dear people (wife and children) live.

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