Children's Crafts From Plasticine And Cereals

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Children's Crafts From Plasticine And Cereals
Children's Crafts From Plasticine And Cereals

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Lessons with small objects - cereals, beads, seeds, allow you to develop the baby's motor skills. There are dozens of nerve endings at your fingertips, all of which are involved during these games.

Children's crafts from plasticine and cereals
Children's crafts from plasticine and cereals

Crafts from cereals and plasticine - children's imagination is endless

Making funny animals and fantastic creatures from cereals and plasticine will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Crafts are voluminous, textured and very beautiful.

Be sure to help your child in class. Not only because babies are not doing everything yet, and they can get upset about it. But also in order to establish emotional contact with the child.

With the help of millet, rice, buckwheat, you can make the fur of various animals. Together with your child, come up with a storyline for a fairy tale and create its heroes. You can choose, for example, "Teremok". To mold a hare, a mouse, a bear from plasticine and make them "wool". The white bunny will be made of rice, the brown vole mouse will be made of millet, the bear will be made of buckwheat. To begin with, while there is no skill in making such toys, you can attach the cereal with plasticine to a sheet of paper. Adults need to draw the outlines of animals, and kids need to spread a layer of plasticine on the sheet and cover it with the desired cereal.

Cereal crafts are a great way to use expired foods. In addition to buckwheat, millet, rice, you can take semolina ("snow"), lentils and beans ("stones"), even long pasta - they can be tree trunks or blades of grass.

Groats can be used to make not only animal fur, but also the crowns of leaves and shrubs. In this case, rice or millet is glued onto green plasticine, and then painted with paint to match. Autumn "leaves" can be made multi-colored - red, yellow, orange.

Crafts from seeds and dried berries - DIY voluminous toys

One of the most beautiful handicrafts made from seeds and berries (mountain ash, hawthorn, etc.) is a hedgehog. It is done like this: take a one and a half liter plastic bottle and cut it in half. Gently push the half with the bottom into the other so that you get a closed container about twenty centimeters long. This will be the body of the hedgehog, where the nose is the neck of the bottle. Coat the walls and bottom with plasticine. You can take black or brown. Close the bottle completely so that the plasticine does not show through. The layer must be thick enough. Make the eyes and nose of a different color of plasticine for the hedgehog. After that, insert the seeds on the back with a sharp edge up. There should be a lot of seeds so that there are practically no empty spaces between them. Then the hedgehog will turn out like a real one. After inserting the seeds, take the dried berries and use all-purpose glue to attach them to the back. Leaves, acorns, twigs can be laid out around the craft. Then it will turn out as if a hedgehog is sitting in a clearing.

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