How To Get A Man's Attention: 5 Easy Ways

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How To Get A Man's Attention: 5 Easy Ways
How To Get A Man's Attention: 5 Easy Ways

Video: How To Get A Man's Attention: 5 Easy Ways

Video: How To Get A Man's Attention: 5 Easy Ways
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Many women prefer to take a wait and see attitude, hoping for a lucky chance when a man will pay attention to them and take the first step towards rapprochement. Most likely the reason for this is behavioral stereotypes laid down by society or improper upbringing. Do not rely on the fact that your fate will turn out as happily as that of the shy ones from your favorite melodramas. In reality, everything is much more prosaic. The art of communication must be learned. The first steps will be a snap.

How to get a man's attention: 5 easy ways
How to get a man's attention: 5 easy ways


The first small step in building a relationship is to smile. But do not hesitate, the reception works flawlessly, even if your meetings are fleeting and do not last very long, for example, you ride together in a minibus in the morning. A sweet, sincere smile will surely endear him to you, because it will not only make your face more attractive, but also make it stand out from the mass of other people who are most often concerned and serious.

And it is absolutely sinful to walk with a gloomy face if you are colleagues or are just often in the same company, go to the gym or study together. Smile at him openly, friendly, like a close dear person. In this way, you can not only attract the attention of a man, but also rapidly reduce the distance between you. Check it out in practice - a smile is more effective than clever plans for seduction. But do not forget that we do not need a smile of politeness, but a demonstration (very modest, do not be alarmed) of the "green light" for him in building relationships. Show that you are giving him the opportunity to take the first step.

Show yourself

Do not hide your talents, be sure to demonstrate them. If you are colleagues or study together, then there will definitely not be few reasons for this. Show your skills at any corporate event or party. If you sing well - sing, dance - perform a dance, if there are no such skills, then be sure to prove yourself in competitions (which you can organize). If your chosen one is a neighbor, then if you wish, you can surprise him too: plant a winter garden or decorate the staircase for the holiday. When attracting the attention of a man in this way, remember: you need to do only what you are good at. This is the only way you will feel freedom and confidence. Men appreciate such women, and at the same time they have a natural desire to conquer them.


To get a man's attention, ask him for help. Of course, you understand, this must certainly be from the category of what he knows how to do. It could be anything he knows about. You can ask to install the program on the computer, clean it from viruses, adjust the printer, maybe change the wipers on the car. The most important thing is your sincere gratitude, gratitude for the help, without which you yourself would not have coped with the situation. And do not apply to find out whether it is possible to make a similar request again, if necessary.

The option is almost always a win-win, nature has created men in such a way that they willingly demonstrate their strength by helping a weak woman. And the more a woman gives the opportunity to feel needed, the more the male shoulders are straightened. And keep in mind that the more a man has invested in a woman, the more he will appreciate her.

Feed him

When attracting a man's attention, do not forget about the shortest path to his heart. Feed him. Tasty. There is always a reason. Even in gratitude for the service rendered. If you work together, you can always bring your own baked goods. Women who cook deliciously are always more likely to win the attention of men. Homemade food subconsciously returns a man to his childhood, recalling the feeling of security that many men expect from their chosen one.

Make a mistake

Make a mistake and let him discover it. For example, "accidentally" send him an email addressed to a friend. Wrong, well, it does not happen to anyone. Let the letter be of the most innocent content, some funny story that happened to you, perhaps on a trip or in the gym. The main thing is that the message should not contain a single drop of negativity, neither about you, nor about any of the other people. A slight smile and a feeling of embarrassment for reading someone else's letter - these are the only emotions the addressee should have.

After some time, the addressee should receive a second message from you with an apology, they say, sorry for the misunderstanding, the mistake came out. In addition to feeling awkward, shaking will give him a sense of master of the situation. After all, now he knows a little more about you than he should have.

Taking a step, you are just trying to attract the attention of a man, to express sympathy. It often happens that such unobtrusive signals from a woman are enough for a man to show further initiative himself. And often this step is the only way to stand out among the round dance of colleagues and colleagues. Anyway, don't wait, start acting!