How The Child Is Affectionately Called

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How The Child Is Affectionately Called
How The Child Is Affectionately Called

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As soon as the long-awaited baby is born, a huge number of affectionate names and cute words that parents call their child immediately appear. In this way, they express boundless love for the baby.

How the child is affectionately called
How the child is affectionately called

Affectionate baby nicknames

Almost all babies under the age of 1-2 years are plump, with cute puffy cheeks. Therefore, many parents lovingly call their kids Donuts, Hamsters, Cheeks, Chubby and Teddy Bears.

Often, for a sweet appeal to a child, a mother just needs to change the intonation in her voice, call the baby gently and quietly.

The affectionate nicknames appear on their own. Just looking at your beloved creature. This happens from an overabundance of feelings from parents to the most dear and important baby in the world.

Many newborns are called Suns, Angels, Treasures, Happiness and Miracle. All this suggests that the child is very desirable and long-awaited.

Some parents come up with a rhyme to the name of the baby, and then they call the baby in a fit of love: Marinka-mandarin, Lerchik-pepper, Nastena-sweet.

Very often, parents use diminutive suffixes to create gentle, sweet appeals to the child. In this case, even an offensive word becomes euphonic. So, a little harm is called Vrednyuchka, and a child who climbed into the mud is called Pig and Pig.

Affectionate nicknames for girls

When naming their daughter, parents immediately think about diminutive versions of the chosen names. Indeed, tenderness and affection are especially important for a girl.

Parents of young children often call their full names only when they want to scold for something. Thus, they emphasize their severity towards the baby at this moment.

Therefore, little beauties are rarely called by their full names. Cute derivatives of the name are often used. For example: Elena's name is Lenochka, Lenok; Irina - Irishka, Irusik, Irochka; Olga - Olenka, Olyushka, Olyushok; Valeria - Lerochka, Lerunya, Leronka.

Cute nicknames also come from the external characteristics of the girls. So, girls with curly hair are called Curls, and blue-eyed babies are called Sineglazki. Someone calls their daughter Pretty Woman, and someone Princess.

Affectionate nicknames for boys

The boys' parents are also happy to emphasize the uniqueness and uniqueness of their son. You can often hear Andrei's mother affectionately calling her son Dyusheka, and Semyon's mother Senechka. Little Arseny is called Arsyusha, and Roman is called the proud name of Romeo.

Cat, bunny, bear cub, knight, protector - this is not a complete list of affectionate words used to a little boy.

Some cute nicknames appear spontaneously, some - parents come up with deliberately. However, in the wide variety of tender words, one should not forget the real name of the child and from time to time call him by name.

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