How To Treat Cough And Runny Nose In Infants

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How To Treat Cough And Runny Nose In Infants
How To Treat Cough And Runny Nose In Infants
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It is not easy to save a baby from a runny nose and cough, because viruses lie in wait for us everywhere. Signs of a viral infection cause great discomfort to the baby, prevent him from eating and playing. Therefore, it is important to relieve the crumbs of a runny nose and cough as soon as possible.

How to treat cough and runny nose in infants
How to treat cough and runny nose in infants

It is necessary

  • - saline solution
  • - vasoconstrictor nasal drops
  • - Kalanchoe juice
  • - cottage cheese
  • - a decoction of eucalyptus


Step 1

The local pediatrician, who should be immediately notified, will help to effectively cure cough and runny nose. Timely medical assistance will help avoid complications and hospitalization. The prescribed course of treatment should be carried out according to the scheme.

Step 2

Treatment of rhinitis It is necessary to clear mucus from the nasal passages. To do this, drip 1-2 drops of a saline solution (Aquamaris, Aqualor or Fiziomir Marimer) into each nostril of the child and after a few minutes remove the mucus with cotton cords or suck the secretions with an aspirator or a pear.

Step 3

Instill nasal drops prescribed by a pediatrician (Derinat, Nazol Baby, Nazivin) following the instructions and prescription of the doctor.

Step 4

Breast milk has a bactericidal effect and quickly relieves infants from a cold. Instill 2 - 3 drops in each nasal passage.

Step 5

An effective folk remedy for the common cold is Kalanchoe juice. Peel the leaves of the plant, knead, dilute with water 1:10. Instill 1 drop in each nostril, repeat up to 5 times a day. The child's nose does not need to be cleaned beforehand, the mucus will come out during sneezing.

Step 6

Apply acupressure to your baby's nose wings as often as possible.

Step 7

Cough Treatment: A curd compress can help relieve a child's cough, even at high fever. The warmed curd should be wrapped in gauze and applied to the back of the baby, covered with waxed paper and secured with a diaper.

Step 8

When the child is asleep, you can put a decoction of eucalyptus next to his crib. To do this, add 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus to 250 ml of boiling water, boil and cool slightly. This remedy will cure cough and runny nose in infants in a short time.

Step 9

It is necessary to carry out a draining massage. Put the child on his knees with his stomach down, butt up, lightly tap with your fingers on the back. Then put the baby on a flat surface, stroke the chest, then the back from the bottom up.

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