How To Wake Up A Newborn

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How To Wake Up A Newborn
How To Wake Up A Newborn
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Each mother can choose the feeding mode for her newborn baby herself. Either it will be feeding on the first demand of the crumbs, or by the hour. As a rule, a newly born child needs to be fed 6-7 times a day, or even more often. This feeding principle helps to stimulate the formation of milk in the mother's breast. If a newborn baby's sleep lasts more than 5 hours, many pediatricians advise waking the baby up for feeding. And this is sometimes very difficult.

How to wake up a newborn
How to wake up a newborn


Step 1

The easiest way to wake up a sleeping newborn is during shallow sleep. It can be determined by several obvious signs. Firstly, during the period of shallow sleep, the baby's eyelids may flinch and open slightly, and the eyeballs may move. The arms and legs of the toddler can also twitch. Secondly, the baby may begin to make sucking movements, especially when touching his face, for example, with a finger. Thirdly, during the period of superficial sleep, facial expressions appear on the face of a sleeping baby.

Step 2

Before waking the newborn, the mother should make sure that there is soft, dim lighting in the room. Such an environment is necessary so that the bright light does not force the baby to close his eyes and fall asleep again.

Step 3

If the baby is hot, he is unlikely to suck on her mother's breast. Therefore, before waking him up, remove all blankets and undress the baby. Newborn babies, by the way, do not like when they are completely naked. This means that, feeling naked, the baby can wake up on his own.

Step 4

There is another way to wake up a newborn. Place the baby on your lap. Support his back with one hand and his chin with the other. Try tilting your baby forward slightly. And when he twirls, quickly get into a familiar feeding position. If you did not have time to start feeding because the little one fell asleep again, repeat all the steps again.

Step 5

You can also wake up a newborn baby by tickling his heels, stroking his chin or cheeks with your finger.

Step 6

If the baby wakes up, begins to suck, but immediately falls asleep again, try to gently shake the chest or change your position. Once done, start feeding again. It happens and to do several times in order to safely produce and finish feeding.

Step 7

There is nothing wrong if the baby fell asleep within 5 minutes after the start of feeding, and it was not possible to wake him up again. Perhaps a light snack is all the baby needed at the moment.

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