How To Properly Wake Up A Child In The Morning

How To Properly Wake Up A Child In The Morning
How To Properly Wake Up A Child In The Morning

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A person spends a third of his life in a dream. Sleep helps to get rid of fatigue and gives us the necessary strength for the whole day. Sometimes getting a child out of bed in the morning is difficult. At such moments, babies can cry, and parents can get annoyed. At the same time, both those and others feel discomfort and nervous tension. It is very important to learn how to wake up the child correctly.

How to properly wake up a child in the morning
How to properly wake up a child in the morning

The baby's awakening should be calm, slow. For this, parents must be affectionate and gentle. Soft, pleasant music and warm dim light will help create a positive atmosphere. The child can be gently stroked and called softly by name.

Young children are very fond of various rituals. For example, you can start the awakening process with a kiss. When the baby opens his eyes, you can hug and find out how he slept at night, what he dreamed about. This must be repeated daily. With the help of such a ritual, the child will develop a reflex of pleasant awakening.

To cheer up the awakened baby, invite him to do a little exercise right in bed. For the heart and breathing, deep breaths with an inflated belly and slow exhalations with a retracted are well suited. Stretching on the side will help to stretch the spine and joints - one arm is pulled forward, and the opposite leg is pulled back. With a small child, it is better to carry out such exercises in a playful way, depicting any animals or objects. Massage of feet and earlobes is perfect for awakening.

It is not recommended to jump out of bed immediately. It is advisable to sit for a while, and then calmly get out of bed.

When the child finally wakes up, he can be offered to go to the bathroom to wash and brush his teeth. Do not scold your kid for not remembering about morning hygiene without your help.

It is important to make your morning routine complete. To do this, you need to wake up the child in advance, and not delay the rise so that he sleeps a little longer. If the baby after waking up unhurriedly and calmly gathers, it will be much more beneficial.

You should not ignore the peculiarities of the biological rhythms of different people, depending on which children can be divided into larks, owls and pigeons. It is especially difficult for owls to wake up early, so getting out of bed slowly is a guarantee of a good day for them.

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