Why Men Love Blondes

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Why Men Love Blondes
Why Men Love Blondes

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In life, you can often find confirmation of the conventional wisdom that men love blondes. There are several real reasons at once explaining such preferences of the guys.

Why men love blondes
Why men love blondes

To this day, there is a belief that the special attention of men always goes to fair-haired young ladies. It is often confirmed. If there are several reasons why gentlemen prefer blondes.

Mother nature's clues

Interestingly, some of the reasons discussed are suggested to men on a subconscious level. So, every young person is by nature a defender. And fair-haired ladies in the eyes of the opposite sex are always weaker, in need of support, care, support.

Subconsciously, next to a blondie girl, a guy feels stronger, a real knight. You want to carry such a partner in your arms, to solve her problems. But when you look at a brunette, thoughts involuntarily appear that she can achieve everything on her own.

On an intuitive level, fair-haired young ladies are attracted to men for another reason: the most important hormone estrogen is responsible for a woman's fertility. Namely, blonde hair demonstrates its high level in the body of the expectant mother. It seems to a man subconsciously that such a woman will be able to give birth to him more healthy and beautiful offspring.

In addition, if the guy himself is dark, then he understands that his external signs will be dominant (black hair, brown eyes) and the child is likely to be like his father. After all, many men dream of their small exact copy.

Deceptive naivety and infantilism

Ladies with dark hair of any shade are perceived by others as smarter, intellectually developed, mature, independent. It is for this reason that today there are so many not very pleasant jokes about blondes.

It seems to a man that he will be able to build an interesting intellectual conversation with a brunette, share experience, gain new knowledge from her, but at the same time he will hardly wait for ease. It is believed that dark-haired beauties keep the soul mate in constant tension, make them move forward endlessly, think, do something. But blondes allow you to relax, laugh enough, feel your mental superiority. In addition, there is an opinion about the excessive naivety, infantilism, childishness of women with blond hair.


In fact, all of these assumptions are wrong. Intelligence does not depend on hair color at all. The same applies to lightness, sense of humor, the age of growing up. Therefore, making a choice based on the shade of curls, representatives of the stronger sex are greatly mistaken in the characteristics of the character and views on the life of the girl they like. This is where popular myths and assumptions can hurt a relationship a lot.

Clues from fairy tales and movies

Boys love beautiful fairy tales no less than girls. In them, good heroes are often presented as fair-haired, clear-eyed, white-skinned. Children's concepts are later carried over into adulthood. It seems to a man that blondes, like their beloved fairy-tale characters, are kind, gentle, sacrificial, trying to help and make everyone around them happy. From early childhood, he had the impression that it was the blonde princess who would become a faithful companion, ready for literally anything for him.


We also meet gorgeous blondes in most popular films. The era of admiration for blonde beauties began from the time of Marilyn Monroe and continues to this day. Every man wants to see a real film star next to him, a star who is admired and conquered by everyone around him. And they are not even embarrassed by the fact that the chosen one does not have a model appearance at all. The main thing is the blonde.

Interestingly, fair-haired young ladies are attracted to men of various nationalities.The Slavs choose such girls because they are "of the same blood", and the southerners - for the rare white curls among their peoples, which invariably attract attention.

Recently, the results of a study appeared on the Web about the smell of the skin of women with hair of different colors. It turned out that blondes have the most pleasant aroma. It simultaneously soothes young people, evoking childhood memories, and attracts, inducing sexual desire.

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