How People Experience Loneliness

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How People Experience Loneliness
How People Experience Loneliness

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The thought of loneliness scares many people because in society, this phenomenon is equated with uselessness, indifference and emptiness of life. But there are, for example, such individuals who not only accept loneliness, but also consciously choose it. Different categories of people experience loneliness in their own way.

How people experience loneliness
How people experience loneliness


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The way of experiencing loneliness depends on many factors: the reasons for its occurrence, the person's temperament, personality type, the influence of others. All people experiencing loneliness can be divided into three groups. The first group is burdened with loneliness and seeks to fill their lives with people. The second group refers to loneliness as a temporary phenomenon - i.e. accepts it, but realizes that over time everything will change. The third group of people strives for loneliness as a source of self-knowledge, self-improvement and creativity.

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People who are afraid of loneliness often run away from it into noisy companies and crowded entertainment venues, make hundreds of friends on social networks, etc. Some of these individuals achieve great success in their careers or successfully build their own business. Most of all, they want to create the illusion that there are many people around them, they are successful and in demand. Another common way to avoid loneliness is to dissolve in your partner. In this case, we are not talking about love - a person uses the other so as not to feel his unnecessary. To solve the problem of loneliness and create new harmonious relationships, these people need to accept their state and understand themselves, i.e. go from the first group to the second.

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People who treat their loneliness as a temporary phenomenon do not try to create the appearance of an active social life or relationship. They perceive time alone with themselves as a gift of fate, intended so that they have the opportunity to live their lives, to understand themselves, their preferences, and mistakes in relationships. Loneliness gives them the opportunity to hear themselves, appreciate their uniqueness, start taking care of themselves, because not loving himself, a person will not be able to love someone else. Problems associated with the fact that a certain period of life has to be spent alone, such people try to solve constructively, for example, they learn to relieve sexual tension on their own, find interesting activities for themselves.

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The third group of lonely people are those who have chosen this way of life on their own. Such personalities are few, for them, as Schopenhauer said, "… loneliness brings two benefits: firstly, to be with oneself, and secondly, not to be with others." Loneliness allows individuals who love it to look at the world without fuss and daily rush. To be alone with themselves is not isolation for them, but solitude and freedom from other people's influence. For creative people, being alone is the most fruitful - it gives inspiration and many great ideas.

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