Psychological Characteristics Of A Teenager

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Psychological Characteristics Of A Teenager
Psychological Characteristics Of A Teenager

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Parents and their children experience a real emotional storm throughout puberty. This is due to the inevitable transition of the child into an adult state from childish serenity.

Used photo from the site MorgueFile
Used photo from the site MorgueFile

Adolescents are children who are no longer young, but have not yet become adults. Adolescents are considered to be between the ages of 10 and 15. During this difficult period of formation, the child's body is experiencing the most serious stress - puberty.

Hormonal changes affect the state of mind of a teenager

Puberty begins with an increase in the activity of the central nervous system, it "turns on" the activity of the endocrine system, and the endocrine glands increase the production of sex hormones many times over.

The gradual development of the endocrine glands brings the level of hormones to normal within 3-5 years, and a girl and a boy become a girl and a boy. As a rule, by the age of 15-16, puberty ends completely.

Teenagers during this period of time have a difficult time, as well as everyone who brings up and loves them. The processes of formation create mood swings, and everything is aggravated by the child's complete reassessment of himself as a person.

The hormonal surge gives rise to many ups and downs in activity, leads to stubbornness and unconscious denial of authorities. In the minds of a teenager, everything sometimes becomes literally upside down.

What parents need to know

Remember that your child is changing completely, he begins to realize himself as a part of society and an independent person. This can lead to a complete denial of the authority of parents and educators. Don't be alarmed if you stop recognizing your own child.

He can be rude to peers and adults, completely ignore helpful advice, and find an idol in a vibrant pop culture. A teenager can begin to imitate him in everything: dress smartly, smoke, and even try drugs.

In the eyes of a growing child, this makes him an adult and less dependent on his parents. Teens often change friends, form groups with a dominant leader. This is how children try to understand and accept the social norms of the big world and their place in society.

The adolescent's self-image begins to be based on his personal self-esteem, it is also based on comparing himself with others. At this age, the guys want to be "like everyone else." And also have all the best, like everyone who has achieved serious success in life.

The main advice of psychologists and experienced parents is to be patient. Love for your child and the advice of those who have already lived the period of growing up their own children will help you overcome all difficulties. It will be very useful to find a forum for parents of teenagers on the Internet and read special literature. After all, your reaction to the child's behavior will determine what kind of person he will become in adulthood.

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