How To Shower With Compliments

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How To Shower With Compliments
How To Shower With Compliments

Video: How To Shower With Compliments

Video: How To Shower With Compliments
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The easiest way to express your sympathy is through a compliment. The main thing is that it is appropriate: not too vulgar, suitable for the situation and, of course, unobtrusive. A correctly given compliment can win over almost any person and set him up for positive communication.

The art of compliment
The art of compliment


Step 1

Determine for yourself what kind of compliment you want to give to the person you are interested in. It doesn't have to be words. A compliment can be a look, a smile, or something tangible like flowers. Consider in advance under what circumstances and how exactly the compliment will be presented.

Step 2

Be careful. Think about whether your attention will offend the person to whom the compliment is intended. An inappropriate situation or a person's bad mood can be completely inappropriate and interfere with the correct perception of the praise or compliment. Try to compliment not the person himself, but his unique qualities that you liked. Such compliments are perceived much softer and in case of an unsuccessful attempt, the likelihood of smoothing out a bad impression is much higher.

Step 3

When communicating with a person, carefully monitor what qualities he himself highlights in himself and what he is proud of. If you can accurately capture the details of what he considers valuable in himself, then such a compliment will be invaluable in his eyes. Be sincere. A compliment from a pure heart is much more valuable than learned phrases. Your chosen one will mark the difference between falseness and disinterested sincerity, in favor of sincerity. If you know a person well and are on friendly terms with him, then you can give freedom to imagination and creativity, it will be appreciated, like everything unique in this world.

Step 4

Hone your craft. The more often you compliment and rehearse, the better they will become. You can only look at a person to see what needs emphasis and attention. Speech literacy and the construction of sentences for a compliment are very important. There is no need to try to decorate it as much as possible, thereby overloading it with numerous turns and an excess of emotions. A personalized short compliment spoken sincerely will grab and grab attention.

Step 5

A distinction should be made between personal and business compliments. A business compliment should be a little restrained and aimed at a person's business qualities, while a personal compliment, on the contrary, can be emotional and sensual.

Step 6

Be prepared to receive a compliment in return, and if there is one, accept it with dignity. Give a short thank you to the other person, thereby showing respect for him. Watch your facial expressions. It is advisable to have a benevolent facial expression when complimenting. Smile and be polite.