How To Get A Young Man

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How To Get A Young Man
How To Get A Young Man

Video: How To Get A Young Man

Video: How To Get A Young Man
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Flirting is a true art, the purpose of which is to captivate the object of attention. As a rule, this talent is born with us, but if you are deprived of it, do not despair, you can learn it!

How to get a young man
How to get a young man

It is necessary

Charm, artistry (it is inherent in any woman at the genetic level), the ability to show interest in everything that concerns your chosen one and the ability to convince a young man that you share his hobbies


Step 1

Hit without missing on the first try, don't give him a chance! After all, flirting is akin to hunting. You must accurately aim at the object of the claim before using well-thought-out words, gestures, and practiced facial expressions.

Keep in mind that the very first and fateful stage is acquaintance. Moreover, it does not matter who first expressed the desire: you or an attractive young man. An ideally played acquaintance is the main guarantee of the success of the entire enterprise as a whole. And if you succeed in performing your part artistically and professionally, he himself will certainly ask you for an encore and more than once.

Step 2

Clearly plan your image, the first impression that will remain after your acquaintance.

Many girls from the very beginning step on a slippery slope, choosing a self-affirming model of behavior. This is just the case when a girl thinks that she will completely impress the guy, endlessly spreading about her many merits. In fact, it is more likely to scare off any normal man than to elicit a positive reaction.

Think for yourself, if you just keep repeating how gorgeous appearance, intellectuality, sex appeal and other pleasures are harmoniously combined in you, what will the young man's reaction be? Most likely, he will feel a little (or very) flawed, uninteresting and, perhaps, even superfluous. Do not forget that men (with rare exceptions) have a rather weak sex, and in order to seem strong more often, they choose touchingly silly, insecure girls as a beneficial entourage. If you, without ceasing, will compose heroic poems in your honor, your chosen one will simply retire, giving you a chance to enjoy yourself alone.

Therefore, if you really need him, become the one that he needs, or rather, pretend to be gentle, soft, defenseless and incredibly in need of his frantic patronizing masculinity.

Step 3

Try to find in the object of your attention something that is characteristic of you. As a last resort, you can pretend that you share some of his views, interests, or passions. As soon as any connection is found between you, communication will immediately flow into a new channel of ease, fun and carelessness. One of the most unique discoveries in psychology is that we are subconsciously drawn to people who remind us of ourselves. And once you find out that there is a certain similarity between you, you will instantly become imbued with a genuine mutual interest in each other.