10 Things You Can Learn About A Woman From Her Makeup

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10 Things You Can Learn About A Woman From Her Makeup
10 Things You Can Learn About A Woman From Her Makeup
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A woman's makeup is a unique tip for those around her. It will help you learn a lot about the girl's character, her inner emotional state, temperament and other features.

10 things you can learn about a woman from her makeup
10 things you can learn about a woman from her makeup

It seems to us that by studying the makeup of a young lady we meet, we evaluate exclusively her attractiveness and ability to paint. Scientists have proven that in fact we unknowingly make much more conclusions about a new friend from her make-up. For example, even about the intellectual characteristics and character of the girl.


Scientists from Harvard University have succeeded through numerous experiments to prove that ideally made up (but not too flashy and bright) girl around is perceived as more intelligent and educated than her companion with a "naked" face.


It is interesting that the lady herself with makeup is better at any intellectual texts. This can be explained quite simply: a woman wearing makeup feels more confident, relies more on her abilities and skills, and makes urgent decisions more efficiently. Therefore, on the eve of an important check-up or meeting, it is worth applying makeup with special care. It is advisable to do it yourself, and not just trust in the hands of an experienced makeup artist. Or at least add a few finishing touches to the work of a professional.


And the Globe And Mail newspaper recently published research results that confirmed that a girl with makeup is perceived as a more competent experienced specialist. The better the make-up is made and the more beautiful the face looks at the same time, the sooner the people around will see the lady as a professional in their field.

Face make-up significantly increases the social status of a woman in the eyes of people of any gender that she meets. Of course, at the same time, it should have a moderate amount of not too bright decorative cosmetics, and not a clown make-up.

Truthfulness and leadership

If a girl works in a leadership position and she needs to regularly convince a large number of people of something, then in this case it is worth giving up too aggressive makeup. A brightly painted lady evokes much less confidence in those around her.

A girl without makeup or only with a light tone on her face is perceived as more open, honest, truthful. As a result, subordinates will listen to her more willingly and faster.

Personality type

Makeup makes a woman's appearance more vivid and noticeable. Therefore, many people mistakenly think that extroverted ladies wear makeup more often in order to attract even more attention.

In fact, introverts who do not favor useless acquaintances and are focused on their inner world are more fond of visible makeup. Such women seem to hide behind makeup from reality and the excessive attention of strangers. With makeup, which can, for example, hide a slight embarrassment, introverts feel much more comfortable.

Self confidence

Makeup on a woman's face will also tell how confident she is. Often this moment is judged by makeup, even when applying for a job.


For example, persistent, sociable, self-confident young ladies usually choose red lipstick. The bright color of the lips attracts attention and makes those around them hold their gaze on the painted face for much longer.


Not all makeup in general will tell others about the temperament, but specifically the shade of lipstick:

  • Its pink version is chosen by cheerful light ladies with a great sense of humor. More often - sanguine people.
  • Purple lipstick can be found in the cosmetic bag of phlegmatic and melancholic people. Such girls often stay at home and are wary of new acquaintances. They are calm, with well-developed intuition.
  • Choleric or sanguine people choose red. They are bright, creative, creative, not always restrained.
  • Creamy, brown or natural shades are loved by phlegmatic ladies.They are attentive to others, kind, polite, pleasant to talk to.

But too bright eye-catching lipsticks (black, green, blue) are chosen by those ladies who are sorely lacking in attention. This is literally a cry for help and a signal that the girl needs care and support.

Character traits

Often, makeup features help to reveal the secrets of a woman's character. For example, colored eyeliner is chosen by young ladies who find it difficult to leave their childhood, and long ideal arrows are usually drawn by girls prone to perfectionism.

The dark line of the eyeliner under the eyes suggests that the woman is secretive and uncommunicative. Gray, black or brown shades are often used by romantic sensual young ladies.


It might seem that bright makeup using pink blush, false eyelashes, a thick layer of catchy eyeshadow, blue or green mascara indicates a cheerful joyful mood of the lady. In fact, quite the opposite. Such a make-up clearly suggests that the girl is out of sorts today and wants to hide her irritation and dissatisfaction with the world around her behind a "rainbow" make-up.


If a lady enlarges her eyes and lips too diligently with the help of decorative cosmetics, uses pink and peach shades, refuses to contour in favor of chubby cheeks, most likely, she simply does not want to grow up. Such makeup techniques give out a young lady who is trying to look younger than her age and remain a child in the eyes of others for a longer time.

Internal state

Another very indicative type of make-up is “camouflage”. It happens that a woman always chooses bright makeup and cannot go out without it even to meet the courier at the entrance or even paint at home. This behavior clearly indicates increased anxiety and emotional instability of the fair sex.


Most of the girls apply makeup on their face daily or regularly. If you look closely at your friend's make-up, you can find out a lot of interesting and useful information about her.

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