How To Attract Successful Men

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How To Attract Successful Men
How To Attract Successful Men

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Many people dream of a successful wealthy man, they get a few. How to get into the number of the chosen ones? It's not enough to be beautiful. To attract successful men, you need to develop your charm and femininity. Besides, you also have to be a person.

How to attract successful men
How to attract successful men

Find inner harmony

A successful self-sufficient man does not come into a woman's life to solve her mental problems. He expects a lot from her: that a woman will give herself to him, restore his strength after hard work, and surround him with care. In return, he will give what he has: status, material wealth.

The girl is nervous, frayed, torn apart by internal contradictions, there is little chance. Therefore, the first thing we do is find inner harmony and happiness to be ourselves. This will help:

  • sports, yoga;
  • long walks in nature;
  • meditation;
  • reading quality literature.

You can start simple. Cleanse your life from all unnecessary things, throw the trash out of the house. This will help get the stuff out of your head.

Learn to find more free time. To do this, stop watching TV, limit your "sitting" on the Internet. Don't waste your time on idle chatter, especially on the phone.

Get rid of communication with "toxic" people: envious people, gossips. Don't befriend those who lower your self-esteem. On the contrary, communicate more with smart, calm and wise interlocutors. Make acquaintances with those who are higher than you in status - you can learn good life lessons from them.

If possible, quit things that annoy you. Or give them new meaning. For example, if you don’t like washing dishes, imagine that you cleanse your life of unnecessary things with this work.

If you get sick, then immediately be treated. Diseases take away strength, time, beauty! And more money, especially if you run your diseases.

Develop personally and professionally. If you are dissatisfied with your current job, learn new things and change it. It is not necessary to set yourself high career goals - the main thing is to feel satisfaction from your own activities.

Find a hobby that gives you inspiration and true joy. For example, take up drawing, music. But if you have bad habits, get rid of them.

Get better

The next side of your attraction is your mind. This is not about academic knowledge, although, of course, the former poor student is unlikely to be interested in a man with high intelligence. It is necessary to know well human and, in particular, masculine nature.

Read books about the psychology of the stronger sex. For example, Osho - "About men". Form yourself a clear idea of ​​what men want and what you can give.

Learn to be pleasant in communication - not only with the chosen man, but with everyone. Pay attention to literacy first. We remove the words-parasites, put the stress correctly. We pronounce words without haste, without “losing” sounds.

Read classical literature, memorize poetry - the speech will become richer and more harmonious. At the same time, erudition will also increase. Courses in public speaking are also useful for developing speech.

Learn to control negative emotions. However, do not turn into a doll with a fixed face. Natural friendliness, a smile is your main weapon.

In conversation, practice listening more than speaking. Try to support the topics that interest the interlocutor. Talk about himself. Do not object "head-on", learn to understand someone else's point of view.

In each person with whom you communicate, try to find something positive and interesting for yourself. Give sincere compliments, it will win those around you.

Develop your attention and observation, learn to sensitively catch the slightest changes in the interlocutor's behavior and respond appropriately to them. This will allow you to guess the desires of men, which they value very much.

Learn sign language and facial expressions, do not be lazy to study a couple of good books on the topic. The ability to "read" other people will reveal other people's secrets to you. At the same time, practice controlling your own posture, gestures and facial expressions, this will help send you the right signal to the interlocutor. At the same time, it is beautiful and natural to do it.

Learn not to be tense. When a lady is relaxed in the company of a man, she demonstrates her trust in him. This enhances his sympathy and self-confidence.

Uncover your beauty

Finally, looks.

Successful men don't have to look like a model to be liked. It doesn't really matter how expensive your clothes and accessories are. The most important thing is to find your own unique style and follow it.

Everything is important here:

  1. Healthy appearance. Hair does not split and shines beautifully, the skin is clean and well-groomed. All teeth are in place and, if necessary, healed. The figure is toned, the posture is perfect.
  2. Neatness. Your body, clothes and shoes are always clean. You emanate the smell of freshness plus expensive perfume.
  3. Hairstyle, manicure, make-up should always be. But remember: men prefer natural beauty. Therefore, a "drawn" face, pretentious "claws" usually should not be done.
  4. Stylish clothes and accessories. The main thing is not the price of the thing you put on, but its quality, relevance for a given case and compliance with your image. If you need help with your wardrobe, contact a professional stylist.
  5. Sexuality. It is expressed not so much in the demonstration of the body as in gestures, facial expressions, and glances. Exposing individual parts of the body is a powerful technique, but moderation and appropriateness for each specific situation are important here.

Build yourself, enjoy this process. Only in this way will you transform yourself into a woman who brings happiness. And usually this is exactly what a successful man lacks.

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