Do Girls Like Long-term Sex

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Do Girls Like Long-term Sex
Do Girls Like Long-term Sex

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It is widely believed that long-term intercourse for a woman is the key to sexual satisfaction. However, in reality everything is not so simple. Of course, it is unpleasant when a partner completes the process before the woman has managed to reach the finish line, but, as numerous polls show, girls are also extremely rarely delighted with marathons in bed.

Do girls like long-term sex
Do girls like long-term sex

Cons of long sex

If we take into account the sexual intercourse without foreplay, the opinions of many women about the protractedness of what is happening are similar: boring, tiring, physically difficult and sometimes even painful. The first reason for such an assessment is the monotony of the partner's actions, however, it is not the main one.

Also, an important factor in obtaining arousal and satisfaction is the visible pleasure of the partner. That is, if a young man cannot reach orgasm from time to time for a long time, the woman will be alarmed by this and instead of relaxation she will begin to think why this is happening and whether she is to blame.

Female arousal is very different from male in its gradualness, growth. If the man did not take care of sufficient time of foreplay, then long-term sex afterwards can cause painful sensations or simply cause boredom and fatigue of the partner, as well as the impossibility for her to logically complete the process.

Another reason many girls believe that quality is much preferable to the duration of intercourse is in the mechanics of the female orgasm. Not every partner is able to experience a vaginal orgasm, many need constant stimulation of the clitoris and the anterior wall of the vagina, which is not possible in any position. Accordingly, a prolonged act in the wrong positions will be for a woman nothing more than physical exercise, and not always pleasant.

Surveys of women have found that the ideal duration of sex for them is 10 minutes, and the duration of more than 20 minutes is not suitable for everyone.

If the girl has reached the finish line during sex, then you should not delay it. Not all of this gives pleasant sensations immediately after orgasm, arousal subsides. Yes, and the need for a woman to continue to take active actions and show how she likes what is happening, and not just relaxed looking at the ceiling, sometimes tires her.

What do girls like

In fact, it is not the duration of intercourse that is the main criterion for obtaining pleasure, but sufficient preparation for sex through foreplay. Over time, for example, a woman adapts to a constant partner, and it is easier and faster to experience an orgasm due to the fact that the partner has studied her body and erogenous zones well, and she behaves more actively and openly when intimacy.

For men, prolonged intercourse is usually a reason for pride. And it's great if a woman shares his delight. But sexual preferences are individual for everyone, and no statistics will tell you about this better than she herself will.

Sexologists have proven that the average time to reach orgasm for men is 2 minutes, and for women - 12 minutes with targeted stimulation of erogenous zones.

But, unfortunately, many continue to remain silent about a too long or, on the contrary, a short process, so as not to offend a partner. Trust and the ability to talk on complex topics will help you better understand your other half and find the best answer to the question of how much time is enough for her.

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