What Kind Of Boys Do Girls Like

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What Kind Of Boys Do Girls Like
What Kind Of Boys Do Girls Like

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Girls are interested in representatives of the opposite sex, but in order to please a lady, you need to have all the qualities of a real gentleman.

What kind of boys do girls like
What kind of boys do girls like


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First of all, girls look at the appearance of guys. It is important for them how the representative of the stronger sex dresses. His clothes should be neat, his hair washed, his nails neat and cut short. Watch your shoes as they must be kept clean. Pay attention to personal hygiene, because no one wants to communicate with someone who smells bad.

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Girls love boys with a good sense of humor. You should be the soul of the company and always have with you a whole arsenal of funny and funny jokes with which you can entertain the fairer sex. Be wary of intimate humor. Girls, due to their modesty, do not like such stories.

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Your hobby is also of great importance in communicating with girls. Guys playing guitar have always been in great demand among girls. Sport has become quite popular recently. Girls like footballers and hockey players, especially after the release of the TV series Molodezhka.

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In addition, the fairer sex wants to see courageous, strong, but very caring guys next to them. In dealing with other young men, you should show courage and perseverance, and alone with your beloved it is better to be gentle and flexible. Ladies love from time to time to feel power over their boyfriend, but you should not go too far, as excessive softness can harm your relationship, and your beloved will begin to dominate them. The girl next to you should feel protected, and not think about the fact that a defenseless young man has fallen on her fragile shoulders.

Step 5

Another important trait in a boy is his mind. You don't have to be boring and empty conversationalist. It is always more pleasant to communicate with a person who not only has some interesting knowledge himself, but can also share it with his soul mate. Pay attention not only to your speech when communicating with girls, but also to how you write messages on social networks. Texts should be built correctly, punctuation rules have not been canceled yet. Some guys believe that you need to write correctly only during an exam or dictation, but SMS messages and correspondence on the Internet can be arbitrary. In fact, when meeting a young man, girls look at how literate and educated he is. No one wants to have anything to do with a stupid and not very interesting person.

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