How To Write Poetry About Love

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How To Write Poetry About Love
How To Write Poetry About Love

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When you are in love, you want to do something extraordinary. At least express your feelings in rhymes. And now you are already muttering various words under your breath, such as: love - blood, love - carrots …. So what do you need to know to write poetry?

How to write poems about love
How to write poems about love


Step 1

The first thing that is necessary when writing love poems is to really be a very in love person. Only then will there be a desire to give your beloved a few lines, which would express all the great feeling that you have for him.

Step 2

The second prerequisite is to learn how to make rhymes. To do this, first select the words that you want to put at the end of the line and come up with a rhyme for them. She will be born at the expense of endings in words. Write everything down on a piece of paper. Re-read carefully, say out loud. Those phrases where it seems to you that the endings match perfectly and the words fit the meaning, you can leave.

Step 3

If you see that the second condition does not work for you, then there is one way out. Now on some sites there are original computer programs that help to select rhymes for words. They contain special bases of rhymes. You can take advantage of these tips.

Step 4

Having picked up beautiful rhymes, you need to decide on the rhythm. You, of course, at school heard that there are such iambics, chorea, anapesta and amphibrachia. But, in order not to completely return to the school curriculum, you can simply remember that all rhythms consist of feet - these are such small steps, repeated at a certain interval. They are two-syllable, i.e. consist of two syllables. There are three-syllable and more. This is the size of repetitions for one verse you choose for yourself, this is the rhythm you will have. And at first you don't need to delve into the name of this rhythm.

Step 5

Now you need to decorate the poem with various epithets, metaphors and other literary tricks. Here, too, you need to think carefully so that all these additions fit the main words, combine with each other and express your sincere feelings.

Step 6

Memorize your poem and read it to your loved one. It will add romance to your relationship and you will see happiness in his eyes.

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