How To Read Aloud With The Whole Family

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How To Read Aloud With The Whole Family
How To Read Aloud With The Whole Family

Video: How To Read Aloud With The Whole Family

Video: How To Read Aloud With The Whole Family
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Reading aloud with the whole family may seem old-fashioned and boring to some. But it's actually very exciting. Reading aloud not only develops rhetoric but also brings families closer together.

Reading aloud
Reading aloud


Step 1

It may seem that it is difficult to find time to read aloud with the whole family: parents are late at work, children are busy with their own affairs. However, in the evening, for example, before the children go to bed, you can find at least half an hour of time when you can get together and read a little aloud. Such a pastime helps to communicate with loved ones, unites the family around a common activity, and calms both children and parents. While reading aloud, attention is paid to each family member, energy is exchanged, and time flies unnoticed behind an interesting story.

Step 2

Reading aloud is useful not only for parents but also for children. For mom and dad, this is an opportunity to devote time to the child and spend it with him and his favorite characters from the fairy tale, for which the child will be very grateful to you. But you can also ask the children to read aloud to you. This develops their reading skills, helps them to hear themselves better and to remember what they read better.

Step 3

Some parents find it difficult to imagine that they and their children can find common works to read. This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. For example, if everyone reads together works from the school curriculum of a child, one may wonder how interesting and exciting reading with a son or daughter will be, and at the same time the memories of a school time that is already distant for parents. In addition, this is a huge support for the child, because he will see that his studies and success are not indifferent to you.

Step 4

But it is not necessary to take only children's books for reading with the whole family. Parents can choose more adult works, gradually accustoming the child to reading. Not all books from an adult library will be boring for children. Among them, you can choose a huge number of adventure stories, travel stories, riddles and secrets - in general, about everything that children love so much. Literature at the intersection of children and adults is a great option for the whole family to read.

Step 5

Be sure to discuss everything you read together during the evening, share your impressions, ideas, how the plot will develop further. This will help you remember a passage from the work, analyze it, exchange opinions about this passage and fantasize about the further course of action.

Step 6

Discussion of the read is almost as important as the joint reading itself, because it allows all family members to interact with each other, listen to someone else's opinion, discuss or agree. And for children, it also develops logical thinking, the ability to analyze text and the development of memory. They will need these skills in their further studies, and the memories of sitting together at a book will forever become for them one of the brightest moments of childhood.

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