How To Choose The First Transport For Your Baby

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How To Choose The First Transport For Your Baby
How To Choose The First Transport For Your Baby

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When a child turns three years old, he becomes ready to master some kind of children's transport. The parents are faced with a difficult choice, because along with scooters and bicycles, runbikes have appeared, which can also interest the baby. To make the right choice, you need to find out the features of each type of transport.

How to choose the first transport for your baby
How to choose the first transport for your baby


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The main advantage of a three- or four-wheeled bicycle is that the child feels confident and comfortable on it. Large wheels absorb any bumps and bumps well, and additional wheels provide stability. On these bicycles you can develop a decent speed, and children fall from them much less often than from balance bikes. Over time, when the child is comfortable with his four-wheeled bike, learns to turn and brake, you can remove the extra wheels and start learning how to balance. At the same time, parents do not have to spend money on buying a new two-wheeled vehicle. A bicycle for a child is purchased no earlier than three years old; it is at this age that children are physically ready to pedal on their own.

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The treadmill is designed for children under four years old, it will be useful if you want to quickly develop coordination of movements. In a sense, a balance bike is a simulator that helps you get past the tricycle and four-wheeler stage. The child sits down on a seat and, stepping with both legs alternately, quickly drives along the asphalt paths. At any time, he can rest his feet on the ground and avoid falling. After balance bikes, children easily change to two-wheeled bicycles and do not fall, because they have already learned how to keep their balance well. The smallest four-wheeled balance bike for a child can be used from one year old, and a two-wheeled one from two years old.

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It is better to start learning a scooter for a child from 2, 5 years old. The most stable are the models with three and four wheels. The scooter will teach the child to maneuver well and keep balance. But, unlike a balance bike and a bicycle, small wheels of a scooter are characterized by poor shock absorption, so for walking you will have to choose sites with the most even surface. Otherwise, all the vibration of a bad road will be transmitted to the child's spine and knee joints.

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