How To Choose A Toy For A Child 6-7 Years Old

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How To Choose A Toy For A Child 6-7 Years Old
How To Choose A Toy For A Child 6-7 Years Old

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At 6-7 years old, the child is developing most actively. The specificity of thinking, memory and psyche is formed in him, therefore it is very important to make sure that the child plays with toys that will determine the skills and abilities of the child. Preschool toys don't have to be too complicated.

How to choose a toy for a child 6-7 years old
How to choose a toy for a child 6-7 years old


An important requirement for children's toys is their safety. The paint on the toy should not be toxic and harmful, too sharp corners can also injure the child. It is best to choose those toys that give the child the opportunity to perform various actions. In this regard, you should not buy toys with a fixed posture of an animal or doll.


For a boy, the best option is a construction set. Such a toy promotes the development of motor skills, forms the mindset and thinking. The constructor is a multi-stage version of the game, because initially you need to think, and then build. The child learns to move towards the goal, as a result of which a full-fledged house is obtained.

There are a lot of types of constructors, so it is important to choose a toy for a child by age, otherwise he will not be able to cope with the task. For a kid aged 5-6 years, a plastic construction set is suitable. For an older child, closer to the age of 7, it is already becoming interesting to tinker with nuts and tools, so it is better to opt for a metal construction set.

Useful for children, especially boys, technical toys. These include cars, railways, airplanes, and helicopters. Children 6-7 years old will be very interesting with them.


Many parents choose to buy puzzles for their children. Popular among them are cubes with different pictures, as well as puzzles. These toys are good because the kid must initially imagine the final result, and then assemble the puzzle. This technique develops imagination and thinking.

Other toys

Sports toys develop different muscle groups in a child. Among them, the most in demand are balls, skipping ropes, rollers, bicycles and hoops. Sports games require dexterity, tenacity, effort and training, which is why children love them so much.

Musical toys are suitable for children of all ages. They evoke positive emotions and cheer up. No game is complete without dolls. With such a toy, the child has the opportunity to transfer life situations into the game. By talking with a toy, as with a living creature, the baby learns to build relationships.

A child aged 6-7 years can make homemade toys with their own hands or with the help of their parents. Any materials are suitable. The child is amused in this game by the process itself and, of course, the expectation of the result. A toy made by himself will be especially loved and appreciated by the kid and will never exchange for ultra-fashionable store-bought fun.

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