When Should There Be First Sex?

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When Should There Be First Sex?
When Should There Be First Sex?

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First sex for a girl is a very important step towards entering adulthood. Modern society does not make any restrictions on the first sexual experience, but at the same time, sexual intercourse at a young age is fraught with certain consequences.

When should there be first sex?
When should there be first sex?

First sex and modern society

Over the past decades, the concept of sex has been distorted in humanity. Society has become more frivolous: now gay marriage is being openly promoted, various TV shows openly, publicly, reveal someone else's sex life, not hesitating to talk about what used to seem like a special mystery and something intimate. Morality and morality are relegated to the background. Chastity has become a disadvantage rather than a virtue.

Teenage sex is no longer surprising. But it is worth considering: how can a fourteen-year-old girl, who recently jumped into the classics, become a full-fledged woman? In fact, roughly speaking, this is a piece of meat, with an unformed psyche, without life and value guidelines, without specific views on life. After all, sex is not just a chain of mechanical movements, a kind of algorithm for getting pleasure, it is a kind of test of maturity.

Sex is the crown, the highest point of manifestation of love in the human community, and not the basic instinct that suggests the ability to leave behind as many healthy offspring as possible.

Correct first sex: instructions for use

Of course, there are no official sources that contain information about when you need to start having an active sex life. However, from the point of view of sociology and psychology, we can say that the formation of a personality, its final stage, falls on 18-20 years, i.e. it is not only about sexual maturity, but also about spiritual development.

It is important that the first sex happened with a loved one, by mutual desire, without pressure and coercion. This moment should be full of joy, tenderness, warmth and love. After all, it is the first sex that sets a certain tone for further intimate relationships. If something goes wrong at the initial stage, then the shock that has arisen can significantly affect the psyche as a whole.

It is better if the first sexual experience happens with an experienced partner who will bring you as little discomfort as possible, because the first sex is an unpleasant procedure. The first sex should not be on the run, spontaneously, but planned in advance so that it becomes a logical stage in the development of your joint relationship. A pleasant atmosphere, heart-to-heart talk, maximum confidence in your desires, long foreplay are the key to a successful first sex.

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