A Holiday For Children

A Holiday For Children
A Holiday For Children

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Planning a funny fairy tale, but it turned out to be a sad reality? With tears, punishments and resentments? In order not to overshadow the holiday, do not forget about the following important points …

A holiday for children
A holiday for children

Daily regime

The mood and behavior of children is largely determined by their well-being. A sleepy and tired child will be capricious or extremely agitated, which means poorly controlled. Daytime sleep and quiet activities in the morning will save you.


Any holiday for a child is a huge amount of sweets. And not only the holiday itself, but at least during its preparation and fees after it. “How tasty!” - the kids will say. "How many unhealthy, fast carbohydrates!" - nutritionists frown. For the children's table, in addition to sweets, you can make cute sandwiches, fruit canapes, and in the morning and at lunchtime you can give preference to ordinary dishes: soup, porridge, etc.


Consider the age and interests of the children when designing games and contests. If they are too easy, the guys will get upset (“Wow, this is for the little ones!”); Too difficult, they will get bored. In addition, outdoor games should be alternated with calm ones. And it is good if there are no pronounced competitive tasks. They always end in tears and resentment from the losers.

Plan b

It is impossible to foresee everything. Just the day before, someone from the family (or guests) may get sick. Children can quarrel during the game, holiday gingerbreads can burn out or not stick together in a house, and the script can fail. Keep in stock a couple of simpler win-win options and little gifts for everyone.

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