Ideal Husband: Truth Or Myth

Ideal Husband: Truth Or Myth
Ideal Husband: Truth Or Myth

Video: Ideal Husband: Truth Or Myth

Video: Ideal Husband: Truth Or Myth
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Each girl marries a man, presenting him as ideal for her planned life, which she has completed with her own requests and needs, waiting for these dreams to come true for her adored husband. Does this happen?

Ideal husband: truth or myth
Ideal husband: truth or myth

Male standard

The life periods before and after the wedding are qualitatively different from each other. Before the wedding, a woman renounces any claims to her chosen one. But, having entered the status of a legal wife, the changed social position simply obliges the newly-made spouse to expand the boundaries of her possessions and demands on her now husband. Many of these requirements are, to put it mildly, overstated.

When getting married, most women agree to heaven in a hut, just to be close to their beloved. However, not everyone can stand it when the family boat begins to shake in a domestic storm. During this period of life, "culling" of married couples takes place. It becomes clear who is ready for a family, and who went to the registry office for the sake of a beautiful dress. During the trials, a real family does not use mutual reproaches and analysis of the family budget, who put how much into it, but on the contrary - in difficult times, each other's good qualities are remembered, valued and preserved, and the warmth of these relations will never let the family hearth fade away.

If the husband earns less than his wife, it introduces an imbalance in family relationships. If a man does not want to lose his family, he must either have a job, the income from which exceeds the income of his wife, or find a part-time job.

No matter how confident and proud a woman is, she still needs protection equally. In her eyes, a husband who can provide his family with peace of mind and protection from negative factors from the outside is ideal. Protection is implied not in the fact that the husband, with his own frightening appearance, scares away all the hooligans in the area, but in his practicality, in responsibility for the cell of society entrusted to him.

And there are women for whom the ideal of a man lies in his “golden hands”. This version of the ideal man will never have a broken chair or a non-working iron in the house. His wife saw a lopsided fence only at neighbors, where the owner's “hands grow out of the wrong place”. And the repair in the house does not frighten women at all, since her participation in it will be limited only to "wife, feed the tired worker!"

Women who love with their eyes are no exception. It does not matter what kind of person is in his moral qualities, but the dark skin, the press "in cubes", blue eyes, make him ideal for a family. If a man falls in love with a lady with such predilections, then a year-round subscription to a sports complex will become more expensive for him than a passport.

The next type of ideal man should have such qualities as: courteousness, patience, good manners, good manners. Such a man can steadfastly endure the whims of his wife, not because he is "spineless," but because calm patience is one of his virtues. He can always calm down his wife if she is upset about something and “sprays thunder and lightning”. Such a husband always remembers all the dates and can pick up gifts and beautiful words for them. If his wife still managed to bring him to the ultimate boiling point, he will not allow himself to "manually" explain his vision of the situation to his wife, remembering all her relatives and their mental abilities, which they gave her at the genetic level.

When a true is born in a dispute between a husband and wife, then this newborn never hears the raised tones of a gallant husband, but only measured convincing arguments. He is also not a despot who considers his opinion to be the only correct one in the entire family institution.

The ideal husband never relinquishes his participation in the upbringing of children. Moreover, he, of course, will go to any sacrifices for the sake of children in order to become a good example for them.

The absence of the following very important factor can ruin your reputation and throw even the most ideal husband off the pedestal - he is a wonderful lover, and all this charm goes only to the wife and no one else!

Fiction or fiction

And yet, what kind of ideal husband is he? They say that two people are happy not when they look at each other, but when they look in the same direction. If mutual understanding reigns in the family, then this is the ideal family, even if the husband does not quite fit the standard. We ourselves come up with transcendental ideals and ourselves are offended if our life partner has not jumped to them.

Why strive to conquer new peaks, if the wonderful is near. The two of you are comfortable and this is the main thing. And the fact that he nails the nail incorrectly or took the meat grinder to the repair shop - is it so important? These are just everyday nuances, and the human factor is much more valuable, warmer and closer. Love him the way he is, because you fell in love with him for something and got married.

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