How To Keep Your Child Busy During Summer Holidays

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How To Keep Your Child Busy During Summer Holidays
How To Keep Your Child Busy During Summer Holidays

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Does your child miss their summer holidays? You are at a loss and do not know what to do with it. There are some interesting ideas for fun leisure activities.

How to keep your child busy during summer holidays
How to keep your child busy during summer holidays

The long-awaited summer vacation has come! The sun! Freedom! Happiness! And suddenly: "Mom, I'm bored!", "Maam, what should I do?", "Mom, what to do?"

For the first week, even the gadgets got bored. It means that the time has come to take over the organization of children's recreation. To be honest, I did not invent or organize anything on purpose. Gave you to enjoy complete freedom. And now we will come up with interesting summer things together.

Let's share with you some summer leisure ideas

  • Taking with us pastel and wax crayons, we go to the nearest park. There we find trees with such round cracks in the bark or branch cuts. Here we will "settle" our art on them. We draw colorful birds, funny animals, just different patterns. You can make a map of the area and mark the "magic" trees with pictures on it. And then give this card to friends so that they can find all the pictures in the trees.
  • Let's remember the games of our childhood and teach children to play them. Rubber bands, jump rope, classics will captivate children for a long time if you show them these games. And jumping in the fresh air is always useful.
  • Let's have a bubble day. It is fun to let them in for both children and adults. You can climb the slide and blow a lot of bubbles that fill the entire playground. There are many recipes for homemade "strong" bubbles on the Internet. If you get serious about this matter, then by stabbing a bowl of soapy water, you can learn how to make your own show of soap bubbles.
  • Many schoolchildren are asked to read literature for the summer. In order to make this lesson more interesting, we keep an unusual reader's diary. We design each book we read into an interactive diary page. You can watch a lot of master classes with 3D or pop-up books and postcards in the u-tube. We adapt the master class we like to the topic we need and the interactive diary pleases with the creativity of the child and the teacher.
  • Now even toddlers can shoot videos. It's a great idea to interview family and friends, as well as the child himself. Prepare a list of questions and write down how the children answer them. You can repeat it every year by saving the video. Thus, you will keep the child occupied, and the family video library will be replenished with cute shots from your life. Have the children interview grandparents. Someday it will be very pleasant to look at and remember these times.
  • If there is an opportunity to go swimming in reservoirs: sea, river, lake, then do not miss this opportunity. This is great for refreshing in the heat and strengthens the immunity of children. If getting to the reservoir is problematic, get water pistols (or make sprinklers from empty plastic bottles). Splashing water is a lot of fun in hot weather!
  • If the weather has turned bad and it is raining outside, stock up on coloring books, puzzles, board games. Make a hut under the table of bedspreads, and let the child "live" in his house. And after the rain, go to launch paper boats in the puddles and wander around in rubber boots.

We will continue to share interesting ideas in future articles. We wish you all a wonderful and not boring summer!

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