How To Keep Your Child Busy At Home To Have Fun

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How To Keep Your Child Busy At Home To Have Fun
How To Keep Your Child Busy At Home To Have Fun

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Any parent is faced with the problem of how to keep the child busy at home. This issue becomes especially relevant in winter, when the weather is unfavorable outside the window, and walks are impossible or the time spent outside is limited. If you wish, you can easily organize your child's leisure time at home, involving him in his business.

How to keep your child busy at home to have fun
How to keep your child busy at home to have fun

Interesting games for the child at home

While you are busy preparing food, invite your child to play Feed a Friend. To do this, make the simplest simulator. Take a cardboard box and stick a picture of your favorite child's character on it. Use scissors to cut out the opening of the mouth. Buy colored pasta from the store. And now let your baby feed his pet by inserting pasta into his mouth. This game is good for developing motor skills. You can also ask the child to say what color of pasta his character is eating at the moment - this will contribute to the development of speech and the correct determination of the color of objects.

If you are baking, invite your child to play with shortcrust pastry. Roll out the dough on the table, show the kid the baking tins. Let him try to cut out hearts, circles, rhombuses on his own. And then take his products, sprinkle with sugar and put in the oven to bake. After the cookies are ready, arrange a tea party - the kid will be delighted with the sweets he made himself!

When cleaning the house, children are always reluctant to help their mothers. Sometimes it is very difficult to get them to put away even their toys. Buy a second toy basket to teach kids how to tidy themselves. Now run a cleaning competition. Children like this game very much, it will become their favorite pastime. Just remember, so that children do not lose interest, it is necessary for them to lose more often.

When you wash the floors, invite your child to play this game: the baby has the right to walk and run only on a dry surface. And if he steps on a wet one, then he’s lost. While playing, the child will not interfere with you, because he can only move on a dry floor.

Do you need to sweep the floors? Buy a small broom for the baby, lay out large buttons on the floor, and mark the area in the form of a square with a rope or twine. This is where your baby needs to sweep the buttons on his own. Children love to play this game, they take part in it with pleasure.

These simple tips on how to keep your child busy at home will help you save your nerves and time. And your kids will learn how to keep the house tidy by playing simple games.

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