How To Keep Your Child Busy

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How To Keep Your Child Busy
How To Keep Your Child Busy

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Sometimes there is a great desire to be alone with yourself, to drink coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, to experiment in cooking, or just to read an interesting book. But if you have a baby 2-3 years old, then wherever you go, whatever you do, he will follow you.

How to keep your child busy
How to keep your child busy


Step 1

Ask your child to bring you a toy from another room, such as a blue car or a little train. While he is busy fulfilling your request, you will have a little time. Then give him another assignment. Moreover, the older the child, the more difficult the tasks should be.

Step 2

Imagine tasks for your child, such as repairing a toy car or putting together puzzles.

Step 3

Every mother must have a "magic bag" in which you can put all the garbage: bottle caps, broken toys, button beads and so on. Such a "treasure" will take all your child's attention for at least 20 minutes.

Step 4

In the evening, watching your favorite TV show, you can occupy yourself with cutting out pictures from food packages, postcards or brochures. This activity has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and later will help you distract the child.

Step 5

From time to time, you can be alone by putting your child's favorite cartoon. Only this should not be abused.

Step 6

Ask your child to help you, for example, carry something or put something in its place.

Step 7

Ask your child to do the same thing as you, for example, if you want to talk on the phone, sit next to him and replace the old phone.

Step 8

Always have a toy that your child rarely plays with.

Step 9

Inflate the balloons only so that the child is not able to burst them. Show your child how to play with them. He will definitely be interested.

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