How To Ask Your Loved One For Forgiveness

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How To Ask Your Loved One For Forgiveness
How To Ask Your Loved One For Forgiveness

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It's good when nothing darkens the relationship of lovers. But life is life, everything happens in it. For a variety of reasons, a girl may have a bad mood and well-being. And then her boyfriend asked something at the wrong time or incorrectly (in her opinion) reacted to something. In a word, a girl in such a situation can flare up and say too much. She then regrets herself, reproaches herself for her lack of restraint, but it’s too late: a black cat seemed to run between the couple. It is clear to the girl that she should ask for forgiveness from her beloved.

How to ask your loved one for forgiveness
How to ask your loved one for forgiveness


Step 1

The easiest way to make peace is according to the well-known mathematical rule: "A straight line is the shortest distance between two points." Take courage and just say: “Forgive me, I myself understand that I acted very badly! Honestly, I didn't mean to offend you. " Briefly explain why you were in such an aggressive state that day. Complain about problems, poor health. Without any hesitation. The girls' troubles during critical days are not a secret behind seven seals, the guys know about it.

Step 2

But if you feel that the resentment was really strong - wait a while, let the guy cool down elementary. Otherwise, now he may already behave inappropriately, seeing the offender in front of him. Let it calm down a little, and during this time you think over the tactics of reconciliation.

Step 3

You can resort to the help of mutual acquaintances, friends, relatives. Few young people will resist the request: “Show generosity, she suffers so much, scolds herself, but does not dare to come to you first! Say that you forgive her, do not hold evil. " As a rule, after that, reconciliation is a stone's throw.

Step 4

If you are hesitant to speak up, send your boyfriend an e-mail or SMS with original penitential love content. This can work, although some people prefer to talk face to face.

Step 5

In no case try to appeal to his sense of male pride: they say, man, "the stronger sex", but you are offended, like a woman. Imagine, not only the weaker sex has self-esteem. These words will almost certainly make the guy even more angry, and instead of reconciling, your discord will only worsen.

Step 6

You should not blame the young man, reproach. Your task is to make peace, not stir up conflict.

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