How To Do Homework For A Child So That There Is A Result

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How To Do Homework For A Child So That There Is A Result
How To Do Homework For A Child So That There Is A Result

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If your child hates doing homework, and with him the whole family has already begun to hate homework because of constant scandals and tantrums, then this material is for you.

How to do homework for a child so that there is a result
How to do homework for a child so that there is a result

Why do you need homework?

It is definitely needed, because usually several days pass between classes in one subject at school, college or university, and during this time a lot is forgotten - this is how our brain works.

German experimental psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus studied the mechanisms of forgetting very carefully and came to the conclusion that about half of all new information disappears from the memory of most people in three days. That is, if we are talking about a school lesson that took place, for example, on Monday, then in the next lesson, say, on Thursday, the teacher has to re-explain what has already been passed. Unfortunately, this happens very often, this slows down progress, the child loses interest in studies or a specific subject. And the only way to avoid negative consequences is to practice on your own.

In addition, it has been proven that in order to quickly and firmly memorize new information, you need to try to use it as often as possible. In addition to lessons at school, a child 2-3 times a week (or even better - every day) needs independent practice. And the key word here is “independent”, that is, without prompting from anyone, since during independent work the child will more actively use his own memory, create and strengthen new neural connections.

And yet: can you do without homework?

If you do not take into account the fact that most often for not completing homework at school, they give two marks, in principle, you can refuse to do homework. In a general education school, it is unlikely that it will be possible to sabotage homework completely, but when studying with a tutor or in various schools of additional education, many modern parents deliberately refuse homework, since they believe that during a lesson the teacher should put a sufficient amount of information into the child's head, on then he and the teacher, for this he is paid money.

In general, this is possible. Only in this case, the child's academic progress will be greatly slowed down: to master any material, he will have to spend more time and lessons, respectively, the parents will have to pay more money.

After all, classes in any school of additional education or with a tutor do not give a 100% guarantee of success simply by sitting out the study time. In any case, learning is a two-way process: the teacher explains to the child the necessary material and helps to understand and remember it, but at the same time the child himself must also make efforts and consolidate this material. In fact, the teacher is always aware of the difference between children who do their homework and those who are lazy and forget about their homework.

So what's the right way to do your homework?

We have a lot of teaching experience, and we do not recommend doing your homework on the day of the lesson, much less immediately after the lesson. It is best to do your homework the next day or in the middle between two lessons (usually 2-3 days in between). In this case, the child will independently remind his brain of the information that is about to begin to be forgotten (remember about 3 days), and then there is a greater chance that the information will remain in his memory for a long time.

If the task seems too big, then it can be done in parts: in the morning do one part, and in the evening another. The main thing here is not to take too long breaks so as not to lose the mood, and not to postpone until the last moment, so as not to do the work in a hurry - this will also not be of use.

Of course, few people manage to do their homework in accordance with all the rules and in compliance with all the recommendations - we live in the real world. The main thing here is regularity, then everything will really work out.And it is important to remember that homework is not an exam, but just a part of the educational process, so the more often the child repeats what he has passed, the better.

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