How To Help Your Child Do Homework

How To Help Your Child Do Homework
How To Help Your Child Do Homework

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Helping a child with lessons does not mean that you need to do them for him. To avoid problems with homework, you need to teach your child to do them on their own. And some methods will help to do this.

How to help your child do homework
How to help your child do homework

The child's workplace should be as comfortable as possible. Nothing superfluous, good lighting (direct light or from the left), a comfortable and stationary chair. The correct organization of the workplace will help the student to focus and tune in to a working mood.

It is advisable to complete the lessons at the same time, well, or with an insignificant difference. A student should not be forced to start work immediately after school. The child needs rest. The optimal time is 1-2 hours after school. During this time, you can relax, but the student will not have time to reorganize to household chores. If after school the child attends a section or additional classes, the time for completing the lessons can be shifted, but, of course, not too late. It is very difficult to tune in to work in the late evening.

Homework should be intermittent. You can break away for a short time (5 minutes) between lessons. The younger student needs to rest every 20 minutes. Just don’t fill these minutes with TV. Better if it is a game, short-lived, but mobile.

You cannot load your child with additional exercises in school subjects. This will not help the child to study, but discourage the desire to study in general. The load should be feasible. The work assigned by the teacher at home is exactly the volume that should be. You don't need to make your own adjustments.

Drafts and rewrites are fundamentally wrong. It would seem that once it will rewrite it, in another it will not be appropriate to carry dirt in a notebook. Of course, it is necessary to demand accuracy, but let everything be justified. If mistakes were made during the execution of the work, they need to be corrected and paid attention to. This will be enough.

As for drafts, it is better to refuse them too. It is necessary to show the child how important it is to do the job as well as possible right away. A draft is an opportunity to rewrite. By the way, rewriting from a draft takes a lot of time, but does not at all guarantee the absence of errors in a draft copy.

You can be next to the child when he does his homework, you can explain the material if you have any questions. But in no case should you complete the lessons for him. Even reading exercise assignments for a child is a gross mistake. This teaches children to think and work independently.

You cannot scold for blots and sloppy handwriting of a child. It just seems like writing is easy. In fact, everyone is given this sacrament in different ways. When it comes to handwriting, not every adult can boast of calligraphy. By the way, it also depends on the features of the hand.

If the child does not master the school curriculum very well, then you need to additionally disassemble the material with him. Calmly and patiently, so that the student feels support and delves into the explanations, and does not get nervous because he did not understand something.

If the child does everything himself, then it will still not be superfluous to control this. Ask, remind. Suddenly the child forgot something. This is the real help for the child with his lessons.

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