How To Understand Male Psychology

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How To Understand Male Psychology
How To Understand Male Psychology

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Currently, psychological science has established that there are still differences between how men and women think, feel and behave. And in order to understand a man, it is not enough just to strive for understanding - a look at his actions and actions "from the women's bell tower" may turn out to be wrong. What male characteristics must be taken into account in order to understand male psychology?

How to understand male psychology
How to understand male psychology


Step 1

One of the main differences is that, one might say, there is no “male psychology” (in the sense in which girls understand it) in a man. That is, questions of relationships between people, feelings, emotions, etc. I excite men much less. Women are "feeling", men are "acting". Therefore, if a man wants to kiss you, do not ask him how he is feeling now. He hadn't thought about it. He wanted to kiss - he did.

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Of course, it is much more difficult for men to understand how the other person is feeling - especially if the conclusion must be made by facial expression, changes in intonation or posture. Therefore, if you demonstrate resentment, he may simply not notice it. Honestly, not out of spite. If you want to get something out of him, express your desires directly. Men often do not understand “subtle hints”.

Step 3

What a man sees is much more important to him than what he hears. In addition, men are naturally more silent. They also tend to speak more slowly than women. Therefore, if you "chirp" over his ear at your usual pace - do not be surprised that a fair amount of information will pass on his ears.

Step 4

The woman is attentive to detail. While the main thing for a man is to assess the situation as a whole. Therefore, it makes no sense to ask him to compare two dresses of a complex cut (he sees the color and silhouette) or to evaluate a new make-up. "How beautiful you are today!" - he can appreciate it. And it is unlikely that from what details this impression is formed.

Step 5

A man is prone to rivalry, and he can only compete with men. Therefore, for psychological comfort, he simply needs to communicate "in the circle of his own spirit." And, if he wants to spend Saturday night with friends, this does not mean that he does not want to see you. Communication with the opposite sex and "men's gatherings" are not interchangeable.

Step 6

If you do not take into account the professional intelligence officers, then the man has everything "written on his face." See how he looks, how he behaves, how he communicates with you - and trust your feelings.

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