What A Modern Girl From A Metropolis Looks Like

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What A Modern Girl From A Metropolis Looks Like
What A Modern Girl From A Metropolis Looks Like

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A big city has great demands on appearance: from dress to manner of communication. For example, immediately on the basis of a number of certain signs, you will single out a girl from the provinces from the crowd, she will differ in almost everything from a girl from a metropolis. Clothes, figure, behavior.

What a modern girl from a metropolis looks like
What a modern girl from a metropolis looks like


Step 1

Any girl, regardless of where she lives, wants to be beautiful and attract the attention of others, especially men. The modern girl is beautiful, but this beauty is natural. "War paint" is no longer in vogue. Please note that today mostly women in adulthood paint brightly, even vulgarly.

Step 2

Let's draw a portrait of the average modern girl from a big city. She is of medium height, from about 165-170cm. More and more often we meet on the street a girl in comfortable clothes - for example, in jeans and a shirt, and on her feet are sneakers, sneakers or ballet flats. Heels, of course, have not been canceled, but practicality and mobility are in the first place today. If we are talking about some kind of event - a party or a business meeting, then a modern girl turns into a queen: she changes into an elegant dress, puts on heels.

Step 3

As for the hairstyle and hair color, there is a free flight of imagination! But even here, for reasons of practicality, we most often find short haircuts, although long hair is also not uncommon, more often natural shades are chosen. One thing is invariable - a modern girl from a big city, regardless of dress style, hair color and hairstyle, does not forget what femininity is.

Step 4

A modern girl from a metropolis, as a rule, understands brands and watches sales. Knows how to dress cheaply, but cheerful. Sometimes she looks so tasteful that no one will guess that she did not dress in boutiques. Attaches importance to all sorts of little things - accessories: scarves, handkerchiefs, bracelets and rings.

Step 5

Such a girl is most likely a self-confident person, perhaps a specialist who has already proven herself in her work. She is independent, able to make important decisions, to approach the problem with a "cool head and sober mind." She either works officially or moonlights. A modern girl does not smoke, as it is not fashionable now. It combines the features of a future hostess, capable of surprising friends with some culinary masterpiece, and a person capable of having fun with friends "to the fullest." Self-confident, practical, purposeful - this is how you can describe in three words the behavior of a modern girl from a metropolis.

Step 6

Today, everyone, regardless of where they live, be it a small town or a big city, understands that if you want to achieve something in life, no one needs you without higher education. In this regard, a modern girl from a metropolis is trying to get an education and, more often than not, more than one. She is always in a state of self-development and self-improvement, expanding her horizons in all possible ways.

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