How To Get A Free Mother And Child Voucher

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How To Get A Free Mother And Child Voucher
How To Get A Free Mother And Child Voucher

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Some families, especially those with many children, find it very difficult to go on vacation to the sea or to the nearest sanatorium because of the high cost of vouchers. But a voucher for yourself and your child can be obtained free of charge if you collect the necessary documents.

How to get a free Mother and Child voucher
How to get a free Mother and Child voucher

It is necessary

  • - medical certificates;
  • - documents of the child and parent.


Step 1

See your local doctor. A free voucher is issued to disabled children, disabled people of the 1st group, children under the supervision of social protection authorities or registered with medical care. The list of children who can receive a free trip is different in each region. In some regions of the Russian Federation, it is possible to send a child to a sanatorium-resort organization, who, for example, often suffers from colds.

Step 2

Pass a medical commission. To get a free voucher “Mother and child, you need to take a blood test, urine test, an analysis for enterobiasis; take the conclusion of a dermatologist that the child does not have skin diseases, and a certificate from a pediatrician that the child has not been in contact with sick people at home, in kindergarten or school.

Step 3

Apply for a certificate to receive a voucher for a child. A medical certificate in the form No. 070 / u-04 is provided at the place of request and is stored in a sanatorium-resort institution for 3 years. Its validity period is 6 months from the date of signing.

Step 4

Submit the collected documents to the Ministry of Health in your region. There, write a statement of consent to the processing of personal data and with it present your passport, as a legal representative of the child, a birth certificate or passport of a child, a compulsory health insurance policy, an insurance certificate of state pension insurance, copies of these documents, a certificate for obtaining a voucher.

Step 5

Choose a sanatorium to treat your child. The Ministry of Health will give you a choice of a list of available Russian sanatoriums where the disease indicated in the certificate for which the voucher “Mother and child.

Step 6

Receive a spa card for children. The health resort card is filled in according to the form No. 076 / u-04 after a free voucher is issued. Signed by the attending physician and the head of the department (or the chairman of the medical commission).

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