How To Wean A Baby From Milk

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How To Wean A Baby From Milk
How To Wean A Baby From Milk
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Breastfeeding should stop sooner or later. But some women face a problem when the baby simply does not want to give up the breast. There are several guidelines to help reduce the stress associated with this in both the baby and the mom.

How to wean a baby from milk
How to wean a baby from milk


Step 1

There are times when a baby weaned off breastfeeding naturally. The kid begins to be interested in the food that adults eat, and gradually switches to other foods. The more nutritious you feed your baby, the less breast milk he needs. However, there are children who cannot independently refuse to feed on breast milk.

Step 2

In order to prevent the occurrence of a stressful state, in no case do not stop breastfeeding your baby abruptly. Instead, try to reduce the number of breastfeeds throughout the day by gradually keeping only one feed. Try replacing one meal first with a bottle or a cup of expressed breast milk. Then gradually reduce the time spent on breastfeeding.

Step 3

Some babies cry when they wake up at night. To calm such a baby, you don't need to apply it to your chest right away. Ask someone else, such as the baby's dad, to do the calming process. Remain vigilant and persistent.

Step 4

If your baby can already speak and understand you, place restrictions on the place and time of breastfeeding. Tell your baby, “I’ll only breastfeed you before bed,” or “I’ll only breastfeed you when it gets dark outside.” And after a while, just explain to the child: "Now you are a big boy / girl, and big boys / girls do not eat their mother's breast milk."

Step 5

Also, remember that weaning can be a great emotional stress for the baby. Therefore, try to replace the baby's emotional dependence on breast milk with some other positive emotions.

Step 6

In addition, take drugs and foods that help reduce lactation.

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