What A Modern Knight Looks Like

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What A Modern Knight Looks Like
What A Modern Knight Looks Like

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Outside the window is the XXI century, and girls still dream of a knight on a white horse. Why has this image so seriously affected the subconscious of women? Apparently, too many fairy tales were read in childhood, or maybe knights exist today. And how, then, can you recognize him in the crowd?

What a modern knight looks like
What a modern knight looks like

A knight is a man who, in all respects, suits a woman, this is the standard of a man who is admired by the fairer sex. And not appearance is the main thing in his image, but demeanor. So what makes such a man stand out from all the rest?

The main functions of a man

He knows and knows how to perform the main functions of a man. The first is protection. He will never watch someone offend his lady. He will stand up, will defend her to the last drop of blood. This is a person who will come to the rescue at any time of the day, which means that you can rely on him. With such a man, you do not need to be able to argue, swear, he will take on all these little things.

He knows that he is responsible for the material well-being of the family. He knows how to make money and brings money not only for food, but also for other purchases. He builds or buys a house, fills it with things. Of course, a woman creates comfort, but he provides her with everything she needs so that she can make the best house out of it.

A real knight loves children. He wants babies to be born in the family, he knows how to find a common language with them, communicates easily, and, if necessary, will cook porridge, and will spend the whole weekend while his mother goes shopping.

The knight respects his woman. He will never raise a hand against her, he will not swear with her. He knows how to resolve conflicts calmly and judiciously. He knows that misunderstandings are easier to resolve in a calm conversation than in an impulsive cry.

Knight Signs

And for many women, it is important that a real knight has a sense of humor, so that in any team it is not boring with him. Sparkling jokes, funny pranks and good mood are constant companions of the best man.

Independence is an important sign of a prince. He plans his life himself, does not depend on anyone and is free to make any decisions. He can fall in love with both the queen and Cinderella. He also believes in real feelings.

The man has a sense of style, he knows how to combine things and look appropriate in different places. He knows how to be relevant and fashionable, but at the same time not flashy, but elegant. An important part of the image is perfume, but how it should smell, girls represent differently.

A knight should also be romantic, for example, be able to give flowers or make pleasant surprises. It's not hard for him to organize a candlelit dinner or a rooftop date. And he needs a horse not for movement, but for conquering the heart of a beauty that he cannot forget.

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