Which Is Better: A Lot Of Money Or A Lot Of Love

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Which Is Better: A Lot Of Money Or A Lot Of Love
Which Is Better: A Lot Of Money Or A Lot Of Love

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There are situations when a person thinks about what is more important in life - money or love. At such moments, it is important to correctly assess the impact that these two disparate concepts have on your life.

Which is better: a lot of money or a lot of love
Which is better: a lot of money or a lot of love

Much love

Such a wonderful feeling as love allows a person to experience a storm of emotions. Sometimes it radically changes the life of an individual. The ability to love is given, alas, not to everyone. But the one who experienced this magical feeling begins to look at the world differently.

However, love is not always a source of joy and permanent improvement. Sometimes it makes a person suffer a lot. It happens that for the sake of a loved one, a person forgets about himself, loses his individuality, suffers humiliation and insults. Sometimes people suffer from unrequited love.

From an overabundance of love, a person can become capricious. When there is too much of this feeling in life, the individual can get fed up and stop appreciating the wonderful moments of communication with loved ones.

Maybe happiness is not in loving and receiving love in return in huge quantities, but in doing it talentedly, not plunging into the ocean of emotions with your head, but drawing from it every day a little bit of joy, warmth and affection …

Much money

Of course, money makes life easier and more enjoyable. The realization that finances are enough to meet all urgent needs gives a feeling of stability and tranquility. But a lack of money can make an individual lose a sense of security.

When money is not just enough, but a lot, a person can allow himself to fulfill some cherished dreams. But financial well-being is good to enjoy if you have a certain amount of energy and time.

Ironically, sometimes wealth overtakes those who are already at the end of life or desires, and then it cannot bring all the joy. It happens that in the pursuit of big money, a person loses control over other areas of his own life and is left without family, friends and health. Wealth obtained at such a high price cannot bring happiness.

It turns out that the main thing in life is not an abundance of love or money. An overabundance or deficiency of both can bring suffering to a person. For happiness you need measure and harmony. The one who finds a balance between the main categories of life is content with his existence.

In addition, you should not write off the personal characteristics of the character of an individual person. One individual can easily live without love, and will be satisfied with a large amount of money, which he will competently and skillfully dispose of, while another, ascetic in everyday life, but greedy for feelings, will not be happy with gold and diamonds without a soul mate nearby.

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