In Which Month Is It Better To Conceive A Child

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In Which Month Is It Better To Conceive A Child
In Which Month Is It Better To Conceive A Child

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There is no one-size-fits-all advice for mothers-to-be on the best month to conceive. But you can calculate the pros and cons of a particular time of year for the birth of a baby and plan for conception for a specific season. Remember that it is not always possible for women to become pregnant at the right month; it is normal for a healthy body if pregnancy does not occur within a year, so it is impossible to accurately plan conception.

In what month is it better to conceive a child
In what month is it better to conceive a child

Conception in winter

If conception occurred in the winter months - December, January, February - then the child is likely to be born in the fall. In this case, the first months of pregnancy fall at a time when the epidemic of influenza and other infectious diseases is in full swing, and the embryo in the first weeks is very sensitive to viruses. It should also be borne in mind that the child will be born in the fall - this is not the most pleasant time of the year: slush, rains, cloudy days contribute to the occurrence of postpartum depression in the mother.

Nevertheless, the last trimester of pregnancy, if it occurs in the autumn months, is easier, since gestosis is proceeding well, insomnia rarely torments, and less edema appears.

Conception in spring

If you conceive a child in March, April or May, then he will be born next winter. Among the disadvantages is the fact that the organisms of parents in the spring do not receive enough vitamins, which may affect the health of a son or daughter. But this problem can be easily solved by choosing a good multivitamin and proper nutrition. Also, in the spring, the risk of catching a cold or flu is also quite high, so you need to protect yourself well from illness. And in the last months of pregnancy, a woman needs to carefully monitor her safety: in winter, the risk of falls and injuries due to slippery roads increases.

But in winter, the body produces a lot of melatonin, which has a beneficial effect in the last trimester of pregnancy, also reducing insomnia and preventing the development of complications.

In addition, the cold in the last stages is more easily tolerated than the heat.

Summer conception

If you get pregnant in the summer, the birth will take place in the spring. Doctors call this time of conception the most prosperous - the organisms of the mother and father receive a large amount of vitamins and a sufficient amount of sun, do not get sick and are full of energy, therefore, the foundations are laid for the birth of a healthy and strong child. But his birth, on the contrary, falls on the period of hypovitaminosis and flu epidemics, which can lead to the onset of diseases in the first months of life.

Conception in the fall

If conception occurs in the fall, then the child is born in the summer - in June, July or August. From the point of view of the health of the parents, this is an excellent time, after the summer the body was fortified with vitamins and filled with solar energy, although there is a rather difficult time ahead, dangerous with viral diseases. And before giving birth, a pregnant woman will have to experience all the difficulties of the last trimester that falls on the summer: heat, long days of light, preventing sleep at night and interfering with the production of melatonin, edema. But when the child is born, at first it will be easier to take care of him - you do not need to dress him in warm clothes, protect him from colds, and you do not need to wear heavy clothes yourself.

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